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We aim to design healthcare solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workflow and enhance patient care quality.

Transform Healthcare Technology with Streamlined Printing & IT Solutions

Our solutions streamline your business processes, reduce costs and improve productivity while ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance. With our customized IT and managed print solutions tailored to your specific needs, our team of experts works closely with you to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. Experience the Loffler difference and take your healthcare organization to the next level.

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Managed Print Services

Managing printers in the healthcare industry can be a challenge, but with Managed Print Services, healthcare organizations can benefit from expert assistance in strategically designing, monitoring, securing and maintaining printer fleets across various locations, ensuring smooth operations and data security.


Policy Creation

Document Management

Embark on your healthcare industry's digital transformation by digitizing stacks of documents into an electronic format. Implementing a document management system enables you to optimize office space, adhere to compliance standards, and introduce automation into your daily operations.


Managed IT Services

IT Solutions

Ensure the security of sensitive client information in the healthcare industry with reliable and secure IT solutions. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to design a customized IT infrastructure that aligns with your organization's specific requirements, offering peace of mind and robust protection.


Facial Recognition

Security Systems

Address the escalating demand for safeguarding property and individuals within the healthcare industry by leveraging our comprehensive range of physical security services. Our offerings include on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid video surveillance solutions, empowering you to protect your organization effectively and meet stringent security requirements.


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Unified Communications

In the healthcare industry, Unified Communications streamlines communication by providing a single application on desktop or mobile that integrates SMS text messaging, team chat, phone and video calls and calendar management, enhancing collaboration and efficiency across the organization.



Secure Print, Scan & Fax

As the healthcare industry embraces technological advancements, it also confronts the persistent and evolving challenge of cybersecurity attacks, which extend to unsecured printers. Safeguarding against such threats is paramount in healthcare, necessitating robust security measures to protect sensitive information.


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Benefits of Workflow in the Healthcare Industry

Loffler's experts collaborate closely with your organization to enhance critical elements of document workflow and IT solutions, resulting in increased productivity, improved patient care and strong financial performance.

With a steadfast commitment to partnering with leading technology providers, we deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to the healthcare industry. Whether you are a large hospital system, an independently-owned clinic or a long-term care facility, we design and implement HIPAA-compliant solutions that elevate the quality of patient care.

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Innovative Solutions for the Healthcare Industry 

Print Solutions

Print Solutions

Loffler's Managed Print Services for Healthcare (MPS) offers a comprehensive solution for managing print devices like printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines. With services such as assessment, proactive management, print security and optimization, we streamline paper-based workflows, boost automation and help organizations reduce costs and their environmental impact. 

Our MPS includes:

  • Nationwide service and support
  • 24-hour online customer service portal
  • PrintWise data collection tool
  • Automated supply fulfillment and meter readings
  • All parts and labor
  • Live reporting of service and printer activity
  • Right-sizing recommendations
  • On-going review of program benefits
  • Toner recycling

Cloud Communication

Cloud Communications

Elevate UC offers a comprehensive communications solution for the healthcare industry, integrating the Elevate Phone App and Elevate VoIP. The Phone App enables users to make and receive calls on their mobile devices using the VoIP service while accessing features like voicemail, call forwarding, and call waiting.

Elevate VoIP is a cutting-edge solution that empowers healthcare businesses to manage and expand their voice and video communication requirements while ensuring top-notch quality. Our comprehensive platform offers a range of additional features tailored specifically for the healthcare industry, including:

  • Elevate Phone App
  • Elevate Desktop App
  • Video Conferencing
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Team Chats and Business SMS

Secure Document Transmation

Secure Document Transmission

Safeguard your healthcare organization against cybersecurity threats, including those aimed at vulnerable printers, with comprehensive protection measures. Embrace the transformative potential of end-to-end business process automation, leveraging AI and cognitive technologies. Seamlessly integrate a suite of digital process automation solutions, including intelligent document processing, workflow automation, electronic forms, accounts payable automation, human resources records automation and robotic process automation (RPA). Experience enhanced efficiency, productivity and security across your healthcare operations while harnessing the benefits of advanced process automation tailored for your industry.

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Workflow Automation

Loffler's document management system brings a revolution to the healthcare industry, enabling efficient processing, storage, and retrieval of documents. By embracing an electronic format, healthcare organizations can minimize physical storage requirements, effortlessly locate and restore files and optimize workflows through automation. Loffler's Consulting Group provides customized solutions designed to meet your organization's unique requirements, supporting your digital transformation journey, space-saving initiatives, compliance adherence and goals for workflow automation.

Case Study

Transform Your Healthcare Print Environment with uniFLOW

uniFLOW offers a comprehensive solution tailored for the healthcare industry, addressing the challenges of managing a print environment with diverse technologies, limited security measures, color constraints and cost accountability.

By implementing uniFLOW, organizations benefit from cost reduction and enhanced processes thanks to streamlined print management and improved security measures. uniFLOW transforms the print environment, enabling healthcare facilities to optimize operations, increase efficiency and achieve greater cost savings.

Healthcare document workflow

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