Office Services & Mailroom Management

Streamline Your Operations with On-Site Office Services & Mailroom Management 

Many organizations face the difficult task of accomplishing more with a smaller workforce.

Your employees are the backbone of your organization, and their diverse skills are what make your business successful. However, it can be challenging to balance the need to focus on your core competencies while ensuring that critical support functions are running efficiently.

That's where we come in. We specialize in providing on-site management of essential office services such as copy centers, print shops, and mailrooms, as well as document management, scanning, and other support services.

Our team of experts takes care of these tasks so that you can concentrate on growing your organization.

Don't let the demands of managing your day-to-day tasks distract you from your primary business goals. Let Loffler take care of the background tasks that keep your business running, so you can focus on what you do best – building a successful and thriving organization.

Loffler's management of your vital office and document-related activities, along with the world-class knowledge our associates bring often uncovers cost savings and creates business process improvements.

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9 Office Services to Let Someone Else Manage Cover Loffler Companies

Our Office Services Management Solutions

Document Production Services Icon

Business Document Printing

Bring cost savings and printing expertise in-house for on-demand printing, and finishing of your business documents.


Mailroom Management

Mailroom Outsourcing

Determine mail and shipping efficiencies with managed paper and digital mailrooms.


Scanning Services

Scanning Services

Back-file and day-forward scanning services optimize worker productivity and space utilization as well as ensure document privacy, compliance, and security.


Office Services Icon

Office Services & Hospitality

Our team keeps offices running smoothly with receptionist and hospitality services. Never worry about backup coverage again.


Outsourcing Law Firm Print Center

Legal Document Services

Operational, administrative and select litigation support from Loffler allow you to invest your time and energy in your core practice areas.


Printer Fleet Management

Printer Fleet Management

IT PrintCare Services relieve the burden of printer and copier support while optimizing uptime for your office team.


Electronic Document Management

Facilities Document Management

Leverage the value of the content in your paper and digital documents and records with automated work processes.


Focus on What You Do Best

Loffler manages the Minnesota Wild's copiers, printers, in-house printing and mailroom services in a partnership that goes basic printing needs.

Why Do Clients Choose Loffler's On-Site Office Services?

  • Loffler Companies is a local, trusted, stable and growing company.
  • LMS site employees, coverage team, specialists, administrative support, technical support and leadership are based in Minnesota.
  • A dedicated coverage team of LMS employees will perform contracted services and ensure business continuity if any of your Loffler team members have vacations, sick leave and other planned and unplanned absences.
  • LMS never fails to meet expectations; references from every LMS client are available.
  • LMS employees are full-time, with benefits.
  • LMS always looks for cost savings, cost avoidance and business process improvments at each site.
  • Strong, effective, smooth transitions and implementation are managed by LMS project managers.
  • LMS offers an experienced, tenured team of professionals providing world-class services at a fair price.
  • The Loffler Document Services Center (LDSC) fills overflow print, finishing, mail and scanning needs at a discounted price.
"We're all over the place day and night, and we're supported day and night by Loffler. I'm not sure how we would make it without the support that we get from Loffler. They're a great partner for us, and I just don't know if our goals would get met without them."
Director of Facility Services, Minnesota Wild
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