Printer Fleet Management

If your organization is typical, you've made a significant investment in your office print technology, and you count on it to work when you need to use it. But if it doesn't, IT teams are often called upon to get it working again. Studies show that IT teams spend up to 40% of their time dealing with printer related issues, when they are trying to focus on strategic projects, network security, and keeping the IT backbone of your business running efficiently.

A Loffler IT PrintCare Specialist can proactively support your print technology by monitoring it's performance and fixing issues before the end user even sees a problem. Whether the device is off the network, low on paper, nearly out of toner, jamming or experiencing other performance issues, a PrintCare Specialist can resolve the issue before it interrupts your business operations.

If there is an issue that can be immediately resolved, they will take care of it. If there needs to be an escalation for break fix service or to resolve an application or network issue, they will notify the appropriate resources. Often 80% of the service calls are eliminated with this service, optimizing the performance of your team, and allowing your IT team to focus on vital projects and infrastructure.

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