Our History

It all started in 1986 in a garage.


After several years of selling business equipment, Jim Loffler saw a need for a company that provided the best products and services, but just as importantly, cared about clients and treated them fairly. So he and his wife, Darcy, started Loffler Companies in 1986 by selling dictation machines from their garage.

When a client inquired about coated-paper fax machines in 1988, Jim saw an opportunity to be one of the first dealers to bring plain paper fax machines to clients. He became the trusted advisor to clients with expanding technology needs for printers, then copiers, then color copiers, to voice recorders, and eventually to an IT organization to support network and server offerings.

The business is now the largest privately owned company in the Upper Midwest for providing integrated business technology and services. Loffler Companies' over 600 employees serve clients in six states whose businesses are local, national and international in scope. 

The Secret to Success?

“We believe that focusing on our customers, our employees and the community makes a great company. And if you do all those things well, the profits and success are a by-product.”

Jim Loffler, Founder & ceo, Loffler companies

The Loffler Story

“For over 20 years, the Loffler sales and technical

support teams have provided us with the service that makes them a crucial part of our business success. Document printing, copying, faxing and imaging services are an essential part of our law firm’s daily operation.”

Moss & Barnett, Minneapolis Law Firm

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