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In finance and banking, we prioritize creating customized solutions that meet your unique needs instead of imposing preexisting offerings.

Revolutionizing Your Banking and Financial Technology with Streamlined Printing and IT Solutions

Loffler is a leading technology firm specializing in tailored solutions for the banking and financial industry, offering comprehensive IT solutions, secure printing and document automation services. With a focus on security, cost reduction and superior customer service, our experts ensure compliance with regulations like GLBA, FINRA and NIST. We provide guidance on growth planning, data security compliance and seamless process integration to stay ahead in the evolving technological landscape.

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Managed Print Services

Enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and printer security within the banking and financial sector by optimizing your organization's printer fleet management. Reduce the burden on your IT team, cut printing costs and minimize troubleshooting time by streamlining ink cartridge and toner replacements.


Policy Creation

Document Management

Optimize banking and financial operations with an automated electronic document management system, facilitating a seamless digital transformation by replacing physical paperwork with easily accessible electronic documents. Embrace a paperless approach with automated data tracking and analytics, simplifying decision-making.


Graphic Design Services

IT Solutions

In the rapidly evolving banking and financial industry, cutting-edge IT solutions are indispensable. Whether you seek to enhance your existing system or revolutionize your network, our expertise can assist in devising a tailored IT strategy that aligns with your organization's specific requirements, ensuring a contemporary and fortified environment.



Unified Communications

Streamline your banking and financial tasks with Unified Communications, a user-friendly platform that consolidates SMS text messaging, team chat, phone and video calls and calendar management into one app on your desktop or mobile device. Stay connected, simplify your work and effortlessly enhance collaboration across various.



Secure Print, Scan & Fax

In the banking and financial industry, where cybersecurity is of utmost importance, the constant evolution of technology brings about a persistent risk of cyber attacks, including the vulnerability of unsecured printers. This highlights the critical need for robust security measures to mitigate risks and safeguard sensitive information effectively.


Managed IT Services

Cloud Financial Services

Transform your financial services with our comprehensive cloud solutions. Seamlessly migrate to the cloud for scalability, flexibility, and improved collaboration. Our tailored solutions cover storage, backup, data security, phone systems, security systems and business solutions. Embrace the future of finance and streamline operations with our reliable and secure cloud services.


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The Most Comprehensive Technology Stack in the Industry

Since 1986 we’ve been listening, learning, creating, and supporting innovative business technology solutions for financial institutions of all sizes. We make everything you do easier, quicker and secure, so you can accomplish more and stress less.

Leading Solutions within the Banking Industry

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Embrace the potential of cloud technology in the banking and finance industry, just like countless individuals and organizations worldwide. With our tailored cloud solutions, you'll gain access to unparalleled scalability, flexibility and improved collaboration. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure and reliable data storage, backup, security systems, phone systems and innovative business solutions, all while having the freedom to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. Say farewell to limitations and welcome the future of finance by seamlessly migrating to the cloud with our exceptional services.

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Managed IT Services

At our core, we understand the criticality of maintaining the integrity and trust of financial institutions and their clients. With a decade of experience, our dedicated engineers deliver exceptional IT services, innovative solutions and unwavering support. Our comprehensive solutions cover IT managed services, security services, CIO consulting, disaster recovery, cloud and on-premise phone systems, professional/infrastructure services and 24-hour network monitoring, empowering clients to achieve their business objectives and leverage the power of technology.

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Workflow Automation

Loffler's document management software solutions streamline your electronic document and image management, saving you time and resources in the banking/financial industry. Our robust features allow you to efficiently store, manag, and track documents from various sources, while our OCR and ICR capabilities automate data extraction and simplify document workflows. Partner with Loffler's experts for industry-leading electronic document management solutions, improving efficiency in your team's document workflow management, storage and retrieval processes in the banking/financial sector.

“When we need a very qualified resource, that knows us very well, then Loffler has it... Loffler's network engineers know my network better than I do."

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Loffler Devices are Placed in More Than 2,000 Cities Nationwide

Loffler specializes in addressing banks' technology challenges while adhering to GLBA, FINRA, and NIST regulations. Our financial technology solutions encompass cloud services, secure messaging, document scanning, workflow automation and compliance support, empowering financial institutions to enhance efficiency, security and productivity. With certified technicians providing prompt and effective support, Loffler has become a leading provider of innovative financial technology solutions, revolutionizing the industry nationwide with a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.

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