Manufacturing Technology Solutions

We’re committed to designing solutions to fit the needs of manufacturers, not making your business fit our solutions.

Eliminate Waste & Increase Efficiency with Technology

Meeting the technology demands of manufacturing organizations with printer and document management, as well as data and infrastructure security and more is what our professional team does best! With a robust suite of managed services, nationally recognized service and support, unlimited guidance by specialized trainers and local, onsite billing, we help your business succeed.

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Managed Print Services

Boost your organization's efficiency, productivity, and printer security. Printer fleet management reduces the burden placed on your IT staff while reducing overall printing costs. No need to worry about replacing ink cartridges and toners or spending hours troubleshooting device malfunctions.


Policy Creation

Document Management

Streamline your operations with an automated electronic document management system. Start your digital transformation by turning those piles of paper into electronic documents that workers can easily access. Automated data tracking and analytics make the decision to go paperless easy.


Managed IT Services

IT Solutions

Fast-paced industries require modern and efficient IT solutions. Your organization has its own unique IT needs; we can help develop an IT strategy that compliments your current system or completely transform your network into a modern and secure environment.


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Unified Communications

Unified Communications enables SMS text messaging, chat with teams, phone and video calls and calendar management, all in one app on desktop or mobile.



Secure Print, Scan & Fax

With technological advancement comes the ever-changing and ever-present threat of cybersecurity attacks, including those that can come through an unsecured printer.


Facial Recognition

Manufacturing Security Systems

Meet the ever-growing need to safeguard property and people in your organization with our robust suite of physical security services including on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid video surveillance solutions.


Work with Loffler

Managed Print Services

Loffler provides Managed Print Services for manufacturing businesses of all sizes in Minnesota. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) at Loffler are a unified approach to the management of hard copy print devices such as printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines. Our MPS include an assessment, right-sizing, pro-active management, print security best practices and on-going optimization of the printing and imaging environment. Improved automation of paper-based workflows is often part of the solution as well.

Managed Print Services helps organizations save costs, reduce their carbon footprint and improve basic business processes. Some of the benefits include:

  • Nationwide service and support
  • 24-hour online customer service portal
  • PrintWise data collection tool
  • Automated supply fulfillment and meter readings
  • All parts and labor
  • Live reporting of service and printer activity
  • Right-sizing recommendations
  • On-going review of program benefits
  • Toner recycling


Document Management

Save time and resources with document management software solutions that store, manage and track electronic documents and images. Quickly and easily capture content that flows into document repositories, COLD/ERM and any backend or output system.

Optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) software automatically extracts data-like typed text, check marks and handwriting on forms according to the rules you create to simplify and increase efficiency in handling.

Loffler's experts combined with the industry-leading software solutions below save time, improve workflows and bring efficiency to your teams and systems.


IT Solutions

At Loffler, we understand the strength and integrity of your IT structure and security are incredibly important. Breaches and downtime have the potential to create havoc for your business. That’s why our experts design, implement and secure the best IT solutions for manufacturers of all sizes. Using our expertise and proven strategies, we enable clients to leverage technology to reach their business goals.

Our dedicated engineers have been providing superb IT services, solutions and support for more than a decade. Our solutions include:


Case Study

Metal-Matic, Inc.

Like any organization that was around before the internet, Metal-Matic's IT systems saw dramatic changes over the years. Loffler provided the IT structure and vision they needed.

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