Why Loffler?

We are committed to Excellence in All We Do

By providing unparalleled service and support to our clients, establishing ethical, trusting relationships with our product partners, and maintaining and growing a business that inspires customer confidence and satisfaction, we are confident our clients will find Loffler Companies to be the best source of innovative, valuable and professional office technology and services.
  • We embrace the responsibility of being the best technology solutions partner for organizations of all sizes.
  • We commit ourselves to designing solutions to fit the needs of any client, not making clients fit our solutions.

Our Top-Rated Service & Support

"We fix it right the first time"

It doesn’t get any better than #1! Our nationally recognized service department has ranked near the top every year since 2013 in First Call Effectiveness. That means if a problem does arise, we are best at fixing it right the first time and keeping it running!

Rated #1 in the U.S.

First Call Effectiveness

Outstanding Service

  • 3-hour copier service response pledge
  • 4-hour printer service response pledge
  • Additional training at no extra charge
  • Automated meter reading options
  • 24-hour online customer portal
  • Innovative recycling programs
  • More than $3 million in device parts stored locally
  • No undisclosed fuel or delivery costs
  • Local service dispatching & supplies processing
  • Remote diagnostics & problem resolution

Network Support Services

  • Installation & testing of purchased system upgrades & software
  • Telephone support for printing/scanning issues
  • Scanner folder setup & address adds
  • Changes to/Upgrades of IP address & gateway
  • Installation of firmware updates for connected products

Why Our Copier & Printer Service is Rated #1!

  • All equipment is serviced by our 86 full-time, specially trained local technicians who include technical analysts, certified manufacturer trainers, product segment supervisors, and service managers.
  • Service teams focus on color, office, and production devices specific to manufacturers, with technicians specializing according to brand and model.
  • All technicians are network certified, ensuring your machines are installed and connected in one visit and any service call network issues can be identified or resolved.
  • Service vehicles are stocked daily with a full inventory of parts to increase completions of repairs on our first visit. In addition, we rank nationally in the top 8% of dealers for having the correct parts with us on every service call.
  • Loffler is rated among the top 10% nationally in service response out of 210 dealers.

We're Specialized in Client Training

"Loffler’s service team and technicians are very responsive when maintenance issues arise, which is greatly appreciated since we have minimal equipment downtime. Their account representatives are good partners when negotiating service agreements that fit within my budget. "
Northwest Area Foundation
Operations Director

Our dedicated team of specialized trainers works with your organization to become confident in using your new product or service. Loffler provides hands-on training customized to the applications you use. From your work station to the device, our trainers show you how to best manage your documents and leverage your investment. We believe professional training is critical to achieving productive and satisfied users of multi-functional technology.

While working closely with your on-site IT and network managers, we seamlessly integrate our products and services into your work environment. Our trainers, who perform more than 1,200 training sessions a year, are the industry’s most qualified and give our clients an unparalleled training experience.

Our Efficient Order Fulfillment

Clients appreciate and recognize Loffler for offering the smoothest implementation and delivery process in the industry. Loffler is one of the only businesses with a local warehouse providing inventory for parts and supplies, while also providing the initial delivery of all customer equipment. Loffler’s order fulfillment team will work to get you up and running in record time.

The Flexible Billing & Financing Options

From the minute you say, “yes” to Loffler, we guarantee a positive experience on all levels. Our flexible financing options allow us to meet the individual needs of every client. We work with you to find a solution that works.

Our regular usage analysis of your printer and copier fleet ensures that you only pay for what you use, helping you keep your budget in line.

We Always Have Someone You Can Talk To

We understand the frustration of automated service systems, and that’s why we are dedicated to providing live personnel to answer and resolve any billing or service question.

Ready to Make Technology Work For You?

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