A Look Inside: Copier & Printer Client Portal

Printer Fleet Management Made Easy

Loffler’s client portal is a secure, web-based copier and printer management tool designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. With real-time information, the portal allows administrators control and visibility.

Highlights and Features

Service Calls

Create and track service requests in real-time. Either for a specific location when logged into that location, or multiple locations if you are logged in under master. This feature is especially helpful for help desks funneling calls from end-users. Allowing them to not only place calls but also view when they were completed. With automatic notifications, administrators can set up email confirmations for anyone who wants to stay in the loop.

Sales Orders

Sales order allows users to create requests for new supply shipments, view current requests or view supply shipment history.

Meter Readings and Live Updates

Enter meter readings due, as well as track previous meter readings for all your devices. Entering a new meter reading will automatically update in the Loffler database.

Monitor Multiple Locations

A complete breakdown of the devices that Loffler has on record for one particular location or for your entire fleet when logged in under master. Detailed information on each of your devices including installation date, manufacturer serial number, contact information, location (suite, department, etc.), meter history and service history. Another unique feature, particularly for help desks, is QR codes. Administrators can create QR codes for specific devices, allowing quick access to submit supply requests or service calls from your smartphone. Many help desks keep a binder of QR codes for quick access and easy printer fleet management.

Grant User Controls and Permissions

With a simple request to Loffler's service team, access can be granted to an individual or group distribution according to locations and which features they should have access to. Equipment, meter reading, service and supplies are all customize-able permissions for each log in. 

Automated Notifications

Stay in the loop with automatic email confirmations. Administrators who are not on-site can be immediately notified when service or supplies have been requested, when that service has been completed or when supplies have been delivered.

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