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Print, Scan or Fax with Secure Communication Solutions

Control who prints documents and when with a secure print solution implemented by Loffler. Optimize your print processes and eliminate wasted prints by using a workgroup device to print all your documents, without worrying about security. Add Follow-Me-Printing to your devices and print documents at any workgroup device of your choice. Secure scanning allows users to only view workflows relevant to them. These workflows will follow users throughout your organization, at any device on which they log onto or authenticate. Secure Fax solutions maintain compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes, Oxely, and PCI.

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Secure Print, Scan and Fax solutions include:

UniFlow Logo

Canon uniFLOW

uniFLOW is a software platform for all your print, scan, and device management, designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to the organization.

With uniFLOW, our customers benefit from an integrated, scalable, open platform for any size fleet of devices.

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Slumberland Furniture Case Study

Watch how uniFLOW helped Slumberland Furniture decrease monthly print and increase document security 



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uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online has been developed from the ground-up to take advantage of the benefits of the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform, which provides superior enterprise platform security, scalability, and resilience for small to medium sized businesses. uniFLOW Online is a secure cloud print solution for small and medium sized businesses which enables them to manage their print environment. The solution improves document security, controls printing costs, and increases employee productivity while reducing internal IT overheads.

Canon uniFLOW Secure Mobile Printing

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YSoft Secure Print & Document Capture

YSoft SafeQ offers many benefits for increasing productivity, improving document capture and reducing costs for businesses of all sizes. In the Digital Transformation era, organizations face compliance and risk, cost reduction, business growth, scalability and sustainability challenges that YSoft can meet, providing a sought-after solution for business success. 

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We make print management as easy and pain-free as possible. From simple tracking and monitoring of print jobs, to integrating BYOD printing or advanced custom job management, extend the power of PaperCut using MFD embedded software and hardware integration to provide full print, copy, scan and fax control.

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RE/MAX Results Case Study

Biscom Faxcom Logo

Biscom Faxcom

Biscom’s FAXCOM Suite provides a collection of management tools and software to facilitate and automate user management, fax server and cloud administration, inbound and outbound rules and policies, and business processes and workflows. The Faxcom Suite gives an organization the benefit of a custom fax implementation for each division or group with both centralized and distributed management capabilities. Send and receive faxes securely within Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, and many other email systems.

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Biscom Faxcom Logo

Biscom Cloud Fax

Biscom’s cloud-based faxing assists in managing high-volume, enterprise-level faxing needs. Incorporating cloud-based fax solutions in your enterprise has benefits for all different types of businesses. Whether your enterprise is financial, healthcare affiliated, government, or legal, cloud fax might be just what your enterprise needs to manage high-volume, production fax needs.

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Biscom Logo

Biscom Secure File Transfer

Biscom Secure File Transfer is a solution that combines a secure email solution with a large file transfer capability, resulting in a system that can be deployed and used to handle large email attachments, serve as a secure email system, and replace FTP servers.

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Pen Text Rightfax Lofo


Open Text Rightfax

As the most powerful fax server in the industry, organizations leverage RightFax to build a robust communication ecosystem that is integrated and automated to reduce risk, enable compliance, and accelerate time to revenue. RightFax integrates fax with email, desktop, and document management applications, and enables high-volume, automated fax delivery from CRM, ERP, ECM, vertical and other host applications.

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eCopy Sharescan

Nuance eCopy Sharescan

eCopy delivers secure, streamlined records and document capture and collaboration workflows for your organization. Robust error prevention, recognition and correction features help eliminate data loss and ensure records are captured, classified and archived correctly – and safely.

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eCopy Pro Logo

Nuance eCopy PDF Pro

eCopy PDF Pro Office is intelligent and easy to use allowing users to instantly create 100% industry-standard, universally viewable PDFs files - including all PDF and PDF/A versions - from any PC application. Convert static PDF documents into editable files and useful information, as well as listen to PDFs, create fillable forms, graphic layer management, embed multimedia, and more!

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worldox logo

Worldox Connector to eCopy

Worldox is a powerful low-cost document management system used primarily by legal organizations. The Loffler Worldox Connector for eCopy ShareScan and eCopy ScanStations enables distributed capture via MFPs directly into Worldox.

Loffler’s Connector provides direct scan-to-storage workflow without an intermediate step of emailing or scanning to file. With direct interface to Worldox, the Connector uses established profiles and workflow to collect document profiles and to store documents for easy search and retrieval.

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