PaperCut Case Study

Print Device Management software solutions like PaperCut help users control and reduce print costs, improve productivity, increase document security and minimize environmental impact.

RE/MAX Results Realizes Efficiency and Time Savings

RE/MAX Results is committed to providing the best, most streamlined operational infrastructure to their employees and clients. For over 30 years, the Minnesota-based company has led the way with the highest producing real estate sales executives in the country. This active workforce maximizes office efficiency wherever possible, including engagement of PaperCut print tracking software in more than 35 offices.  

The Challenge

Prior to the introduction of PaperCut in 2014, the agents and administrative team at RE/MAX Results depended on manual tracking when monitoring usage of their Xerox copiers. With numerous locations submitting monthly spreadsheets, this process meant extra work for agents, on-site office managers and the central billing department in charge of tracking usage.

Time was wasted tracking down submissions and accuracy was not guaranteed. Each month confusion about how to read print volumes on copiers slowed the process. In addition, employees often forgot to submit volume reports. The billing department could see how many pages were printed, but not who printed them, what was printed, or when.  

“We knew the billing needed a solution,” said Jack Marvin, Assistant Controller at RE/MAX Results, “because what we were doing was not cost effective as far as employee time collecting all that data.”

RE/MAX Results set out to find a better way to manage their printing. Their goals were to:

  • Decrease Time Spent on Tracking and Billing
  • Improve Accuracy of Print Reporting
  • Avoid Excess Costs and Integrate with Existing Xerox Equipment 
  • Increase Mobility by Allowing Agents to Print to Any Location


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The Solution

RE/MAX Results knew there was room for improvement in their print environment. They needed to find a better way to print without taking on additional costs.

After reviewing several solutions to achieve their goals, PaperCut print management software was identified as the best tool to automate print reports and communication. They knew it would take some time and effort, but by implementing the right firmware and software, PaperCut could make their print environment more efficient.

PaperCut can be customized to an organization’s needs to track print/copy usage, authenticate users, print to any device on your network and secure print release. These attributes help:

Control and Reduce Costs: Organizations can track and assess printing, copying, faxing and scanning usage with the built-in reporting system, allowing internal costs to be charged back and current usage audited without the time required by manual tracking. 

Improve Productivity: Print jobs can be submitted from a computer or mobile device, and held securely for release and printing after authentification. Providing mobile printing facilities and allowing users to print where they need it can greatly enhance employee productivity. 

Increase Document Security: All print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure print queue until they are released at the printer. By ensuring secure access to devices, confidential documents are kept out of the wrong hands. 

Save the Environment: Print device management  provides the analysis to help implement an environmental printing strategy, saving valuable trees and improving your environmental footprint. 

“Where we are seeing the fiscal benefit is in our employees’ time spent. We used to have more than 30 office managers getting counts and reporting them on the same Excel spreadsheet.

Then our billing accountant was having to go into each file, check, make corrections and place calls. This process was taking several hours each month and involved most everyone.

With PaperCut, one person gets the file, sorts it, sends it to one other person and the prints are billed.”

Assistant Controller, RE/MAX Results


RE/MAX Results had 1,000 users and approximately 40 copiers in 27 locations at the time of implementation, which occurred office by office. Once their licenses were in place, they worked with Loffler to systematically install across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. At Loffler’s suggestion, the install was ordered region by region. “It took about a month or so to get everybody coordinated,” Marvin said. “It was very, very quick.”

When RE/MAX Results needs more copiers and PaperCut licenses, Marvin calls Loffler to set up install and delivery. He then coordinates his IT team with Loffler’s team, so they’re at an install at the same time. In under two hours, they can have the new equipment networked and running.

Since implementation, RE/MAX Results has added 20 copiers to their fleet and now have 1,300 total PaperCut users. They have also added offices for a current total of 38 locations.

“Basically, they clone one device, and it's almost like a plug and play.

It's snap your finger; it's done. It's great.”

Assistant Controller, RE/MAX Results

The Results

Less Time Spent on Billing
“The billing [is] night and day,” Marvin said. “We now get just an Excel spreadsheet that kicks out. The office managers no longer have to go to the machines and collect counts. It basically gets sorted and put into our billing sheet.” Any questions from agents can be answered with a report from PaperCut, which saves the billing department time each month and makes the billing process more transparent.

Accurate Print Reporting
PaperCut made it possible for agents to itemize their office’s monthly prints by user so that subagents can be billed for the copies they make.

Excess Costs Avoided; Integrates with Existing Equipment
Cost effectiveness was one of the reasons PaperCut was selected, because they already had dozens of Xerox copiers. They chose PaperCut because it was compatible with what they already had. They considered getting a dedicated print server, but the capital cost for that would have been too high between equipment purchases, licensing charges, renewals and upgrade cycles over time. PaperCut proved to be the more affordable option.

Increased Mobility: Agents Print to Any Location
To do their jobs well, real estate agents need to be mobile. An agent on the road can print to the nearest office without having to drive across town to their home office, a convenience that saves mileage and time. “If they need to do something quick, they can just go to a local office and print,” Marvin said. “The vision was to give all of our agents the ability to print in any of our offices.”

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