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What Is Managed Print Services?

Printers can be a headache — from paper jams during critical meetings to the frustration of running out of ink right before important deadlines. Managed Print Services (MPS) is a suite of scalable and flexible solutions for office and production printing environments.  

It’s designed to help organizations productively and profitably monitor and manage paper and digital document workflows. In a nutshell, MPS optimizes your printing environment, saving you time, money, and frustration.

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Overview of Managed Print Services

Printer Security Software

Printer Security

Enhance network security by implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive documents, secure devices, and enforce user authentication and access controls.

Toner Recycling Services

Automated Meters
& Supply Fulfillment

Automate supply orders, ensuring you never run out of ink or toner. MPS delivers efficiency and convenience, enhancing productivity.

Print Management Company

Reduced IT Burden

MPS takes the strain off your IT department, allowing them to focus on critical tasks instead of printer-related issues.

Automated Toner Supply Orders

Centralized Vendor

Consolidate vendor relationships and simplify invoicing by working with a single MPS provider.

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How Managed Print Services Works: Streamlining Your Printing Environment

Floor Plan Image

Step 1 — Optimize Printers 

We evaluate your current print environment to identify opportunities for consolidation of vendors and devices.

  • Assessment: We analyze your current floor plan and printer placement to uncover inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses. 
  • Rightsizing: Based on our analysis, we recommend adjustments to right-size your print environment. 
  • Vendor Consolidation: We streamline vendor relationships for cost savings. 
Manage the Print Environment

Step 2 — Manage Environment 

Once optimization plans are in place, we implement the solution: 

  • Implementation: If needed, we procure and install new equipment, ensuring secure networking. 
  • Training: Smooth transition through training sessions. 
  • Ongoing Management: We track results, manage devices, and handle day-to-day maintenance. 
  • Supply Tracking: Real-time toner level monitoring and predictive supply ordering.
Improve Print Management

Step 3 — Improve Print Workflow

MPS goes beyond cost reduction—it’s about digital transformation: 

  • Document Management: Enhance workflows with features like document capture, storage, distribution, and forms automation. 
  • Security: Controlled printing of confidential data ensures data protection. 
Factory Motor Parts case study -Loffler
“Loffler really listened to us and did what we asked. When we had specific, customized requests, Loffler said, ‘Yes, that makes sense; we can do it.’ A large company just would not do that. Loffler is big enough to do whatever we need them to do, but small enough to listen.”
Technical Solutions Specialist, Factory Motor Parts
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The Benefits of Managed Print Services

controlled costs icon

Controlled Costs

Manage printing expenses efficiently, saving time and money.

positive environmental impact icon

Positive Environmental Impact

Reduce waste and contribute to our eco-friendly practices.

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Positive Environmental Impact

Reduce waste and contribute to our eco-friendly practices.

Try Managed Print Services for Thermal and MICR Printers

Zebra Thermal Printers

Zebra’s compact desktop printers provide durable solutions for low-to-mid-volume printing needs, including barcode labels, receipts, wristbands, and RFID tags. Learn more.

TROY MICR Printers

Ensure secure check printing with TROY’s MICR technology. Patented fraud-resistant toner, enhanced printers, and MICR fonts protect against fraud. Learn more.


Managed Print Services A Strategic Roadmap to an MPS Solution Loffler Companies

A Strategic Roadmap to a Managed Print Solution

Discover the power of Managed Print Services in optimizing your organization’s printing infrastructure.

Our comprehensive guide covers key benefits, including enhanced security, reliable service and management, cost control, and more. 

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