Originally Published April 2018 
Updated August 2023 

Educational institutions face numerous challenges, including tight budgets and the need to optimize resources effectively. One area that often goes unnoticed in terms of potential savings is the printing environment.  

Managed Print Services (MPS) presents a powerful solution for schools to cut costs and streamline their printing operations. 

In this blog, we explore how MPS can help educational establishments save money while enhancing productivity and sustainability.

The Cost Challenge in Education

An average 10,000 student school district spends at least $200,000 every year on paper, and that doesn’t include the cost of servers, printers, consumables or maintenance hours required to manage the printing infrastructure.  

From lesson plans and handouts to administrative paperwork, schools consume substantial resources on printing. 

However, with the implementation of Managed Print Services (MPS), educational institutions can effectively control costs while strengthening their operational efficiency. 

Efficient Printing Infrastructure

Implementing MPS allows schools to establish a tailored printing infrastructure, specifically designed to cater to their unique needs.  

MPS providers conduct a thorough assessment of the school’s current printing setup, identifying inefficiencies, redundant devices and wasteful practices. 

By optimizing the printing infrastructure, schools can reduce the number of devices and consolidate their fleet, leading to lower maintenance costs and more efficient resource utilization. 

One way we do this is by looking within a 60-foot radius of a multi-functional device (MFD) enabled with Secure/Follow-Me-Print software and removing any desktop printers that are no longer needed. 

Budget Predictability and Control

Budgeting for printing expenses can be a daunting task for educational institutions, especially when unexpected costs arise.  

MPS offers a cost-per-page pricing model, providing schools with predictable and transparent printing expenses. This proactive approach to budgeting enables schools to: 

Let’s say you want to bill prints back to departmental groups, a specific building or to an individual user. In the past, tracking software only told you how many black-and-white prints and color prints you did. Today, you’re able to break that down further.

Print Volume Management

Uncontrolled printing volumes can quickly lead to skyrocketing expenses. MPS empowers schools with comprehensive print volume monitoring and reporting tools. 

By gaining insights into their printing habits, administrators can implement policies to encourage responsible printing behavior among staff and students. 

For instance, MPS allows schools to implement customizable print policies based on user roles, departments, or grade levels. These policies can include setting print quotas, duplex printing as the default option, and encouraging digital document management where possible. 

This not only reduces paper and toner waste but also minimizes unnecessary printing, contributing to substantial cost savings.

Proactive Maintenance and Support

Printer breakdowns and downtime can severely impact productivity and strain maintenance budgets. MPS providers offer proactive maintenance budgets. 

MPS providers offer proactive maintenance and support services, remotely monitoring the printers to detect potential issues before they escalate. 

Regular maintenance ensures that the devices operate at their optimal efficiency, minimizing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Sustainable Printing Practices

MPS aligns with the increasing focus on environmental sustainability within educational institutions. By optimizing print resources, MPS reduces paper and energy consumption. 

Additionally, MPS providers often offer eco-friendly options, including recycled paper and energy-efficient printers, promoting greener practices in the school environment.

Eliminating Supply Hoarding

In traditional printing environments, it is common for supplies like toner cartridges to be overstocked or hoarded by individual users, leading to waste and unnecessary expenses.  

MPS providers track supply levels and automate the supply replenishment process, ensuring that schools have an adequate stock of consumables without unnecessary surplus.

Embrace MPS for Financial Sustainability

Managed Print Services represents a strategic opportunity for educational institutions to optimize their printing infrastructure, enhance productivity and save substantial amounts of money.  

By consolidating and streamlining printing resources, implementing sustainable practices and proactively managing maintenance, schools can unlock hidden savings and redirect those funds towards enriching the educational experience for students and faculty.  

Embracing MPS is not just a financial decision, but a step towards building an efficient, environmentally conscious and future-ready institution.

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Julie Koch

Julie Koch is an Account Executive at Loffler Companies. She has worked in the industry for 36 years, spending almost 20 of those years at Loffler working with government agencies. Over the course of her career, she has held positions in Service, Administration, Training, and Sales. Julie has built many long-term relationships with her clients and enjoys getting to know them more personally, with many of them feeling more like friends than customers. In her spare time, she loves boating, long walks, cooking for a large crowd (she comes from a family of 12!), and spoiling her grandchildren.

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