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The Minnesota Wild are Minnesota’s professional hockey team. They’re a fast-paced and versatile organization that, in addition to hockey games, oversees concerts and state tournaments at the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota and trade shows and conferences in the attached Saint Paul RiverCentre Convention Center 

The Wild rely on Loffler to manage their copiers, printers, in-house printing and mailroom services in a partnership that goes beyond basic printing needs.

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The Challenge

Tim Wolfgram is the Director of Facility Services for the Minnesota Wild. His job is to ensure the behind-the-scenes office workings of the Wild run smoothly and everybody has what they need to do their job.  

Managing all this is no small task. With so much going on, the Wild needed an efficient way to manage the flow of documents. 

“We're all over the place day and night, and we're supported day and night by Loffler. I'm not sure how we would make it without the support that we get from Loffler. They're a great partner for us, and I just don't know if our goals would get met without them.”  
Director of Facility Services, Minnesota Wild

The Solution 

Loffler maintains and secures about 50 copiers and printers across the Wild campus. The Wild also have an on-site service called Loffler Management Solutions (LMS) in which Loffler employees work full-time in the Wild’s business center to meet document-related needs of the organization.

“We have paper in our hands all the time and it's something that's always going to be important for us. But what we're finding out is that there's ways to do [that] more efficiently.” 
Director of Facility Services, Minnesota Wild

An additional benefit of LMS is that Loffler’s employees servas the Wild’s first call for paper jams and fixing machines that are down across the Wild campusThey are also the first resource for on-site printing needs, including posters, banners, brochures, booklets or cards as well as mounting projects on foam core. If Wild staff have a project they need done, they request it with a link on the Wild’s website, and Loffler employees in the business center produce the documents. The Wild’s business center offerings extend to trade shows and conventions that can ask for materials printed by Loffler employees at the Wild’s business center.  

“We have exhibitors that come to the business center and they have things printed throughout the day. It's on the spot. It's right now, it happens immediately for those customers so that they have it right away and they can get back down to the show floor. So that's been a tremendous resource for us.” 
Director of Facility Services, Minnesota Wild

Loffler's LMS employees also handle all the Wild’s mail, running their postage machine for outbound mail, distributing inbound and inter-office mail, making sure valued documents like large checks, tickets, packages and HR files are sealed, sorted properly and bound for the correct department.  

“We're entrusting [them] with an awful lot of things,” Wolfgram said. If didn't feel comfortable with that, I wouldn't let it happen.”  

Recently, the Xcel Energy Center and the Saint Paul RiverCentre were awarded the prestigious LEEDPlatinum certification, awarded to organizations leading the way in sustainable energy and environmental design. Part of the work that went into this certification, a few years ago the team created a playbook to guide staff purchasing, which helped make it easy for the Wild to "buy green.”  Since then they purchased over $2 million in greener products, from office paper to cleaning products and paper towels.   

“LMS played a critical role in sourcing the right products that not only met the sustainable standards but also came in under the budget. LMS continues to be a partner in finding new, affordable and sustainable products that help serve the wide variety of needs these facilities require.”
Director of Facility Services, Minnesota Wild

The Results

With Loffler, the Wild don’t have to worry about their mail. They don't have to worry about whether a copy machine is working. They don't have to worry about outsourcing print projects. They know Loffler’s LMS employees are always on campus and able to take care of issues that arise. 

“Loffler gives us an opportunity to focus on the things that we do well because we know that Loffler is handling some other things for us. They're self-sufficient, they work hard, they're diligent, they're reliable and dependable. It's been a great resource. Our downtime on copy machines is incredibly low. The machines are always functioning.”
Director of Facility Services, Minnesota Wild

Having the Wild business center staffed on-site by Loffler’s LMS employees offers cost savings in not having to outsource the work to another organization.  

“We're paying at cost for the things that we do,” Wolfgram said. “And that saves time, saves money. We get it the way we want it because we can see a proof and then print 10,000 of it. It’s really sped up the process for us to do that. So that's been a tremendous resource for us.” 

The Wild’s relationship with Loffler is a knit partnership, dependent on one another for success. Wolfgram works closely with his Loffler account manager to anticipate future needs and find solutions. 

"Loffler has gone so far past helping us with printing and they've knit themselves into our structure," Wolfgram said. "It's become a bond that's so closely connected that it's really almost impossible for us to rip apart from Loffler right now. But I would say that that does something good for us. It's really an important relationship for us that we have. It's not just a vendor relationship, it's a partnership.” 

The Wild strive to make sure guests attending their events build memories, whether attending Wild hockey games, concerts, state tournaments or ice fishing shows. By taking care of behind-the-scenes processes, Loffler helps ensure visitors to the Wild facilities enjoy their time and take home something that isn't quite quantifiable. 

“It's not just taking home a ticket stub or a baseball hat or a Jersey from a hockey game or something like that. It's a memory that they take with them and we want them to remember that they came here, they enjoyed themselves, and Loffler helps us do that.” 
Director of Facility Services, Minnesota Wild

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