Outsourcing Your Law Firm Print Center

When Accuracy Counts, We Deliver

For more than 30 years, Loffler Management Solutions consultants have been supporting attorneys and legal teams with valuable services including litigation and transactional support, trial preparation, mail services and legal copy services.

The solutions offered by Loffler go far beyond technology and staffing and will optimize your staff's productivity while providing cost-effective value to your firm.

Why Outsource Your Law Firm Print Center and Office Services with Loffler? 

One of the reasons law firms outsource office services with Loffler is that they know they get the whole Loffler organization behind them, ready to support them. They receive access to extra resources, on- and off-site, at our off-site Loffler Document Services Center, where we can call in extra resources when needed.  

Law firms know we can react quickly and respond to last-minute deadlines. Where accuracy counts, we deliver. 

Loffler sources, trains and manages team members to perform legal document services and office services for you. Management of the team is therefore not the concern of the law firm. This allows the firm to focus on their core competencies: advising and representing their clients, while they rely on Loffler for our expertise in legal document services and office services.  

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Legal Document Services & Law Firm Print Center Outsourcing

Not in the legal industry, but interested in these services? We can help you, too. Legal document services and other office services provided by Loffler include:

On-Site Document Printing and Production 

Printing services for a law firm go beyond everyday office needs. Legal document services ensurall print, copy and faxing output are handled with accuracy.  

Whatever your document requirements, we are here to make them happen. From multiple copies in binders with tabs, to having documents bound in a book so an attorney can review them on a flight, we can helpWe prepare documents going to opposing counsel that need to be redacted, as well as documents of the highest quality, fit into specific parameters defined by the court. Legal document services provide coherent output for your document needs. 

Scanning Services 

Scanning services are needed more and more often at law firms today, as documents are turned digital. In fact, scanning services have become second only to printing in our legal document services offerings 

Scanning at a law firm requires a lot of glass work, versus normal print production. Documents have tabs, staples, notes and sticky notes. Our teams are trusted to recreate documents electronically, and then put them back the way they were. 

Many organizations scan documents for electronic storage for security, compliance and to free up space. Law firms especially have a need to reduce physical storage space of paper documents. Scanning to an electronic document management system often requires tags to identify documents, and allocation to specific folders, both of which can be handled by Loffler team members. Our teams are trained to always look out for paper copies. If you can get rid of a physical document, we help you turn it digital. Scanning into electronic document storage reduces the cost of physical storage.  

Don’t have a way to scan to an electronic document management solution, but still want your paper documents converted to PDF? We can offer that suite of services as well.  

Records Management and Document Retrieval 

Records management in a law firm means managing the lifecycle of all legal documents, from creating a file and placing an identifying sticker on its folder, to managing where it goes and retrieving it when needed. 

Our team members are often asked to reorganize file names to match a firm’s internal naming conventions, then electronically number and store in a cogent set. They handle CD-ROM, Dropbox or FTP upload. They process changes to file names, retrieve documents from online legal repositories, pull case law files off government databases and organize internal databases.  

Mail Room Management 

Mail handling is an easily overlooked but vitally important feature in any office. Loffler Management Services employees handle inbound and outbound mailings, as well as sorting and delivering. 

They also routinely handle invoice processing for incoming mail (opening, stamping the datepreprocessing before getting to client’s desk) and messenger services, dropping off documents at the courthouse or retrieving them, and arranging for outbound couriers when farther away. 

Office Services and Hospitality 

In addition to legal document services, Loffler Management Solutions employees also provide office and hospitality services to law firms. This involves working closely with members of the law firm, often an office manager, to keep the firm running well. 

Our teams provide hospitality and inventory control for conference rooms and break rooms. They keep office supplies stocked and provide professional reception services. They clean and prepare conference rooms before and after meetings. They pick up lunch and arrange for lunch to be delivered. They manage beverage inventories and with that research to find vendors for office amenities whose services are best suited to the firm. We escort vendors, like someone from Shred-it, around the office.  

MN Wild & Loffler LMS Case Study
“We're all over the place day and night, and we're supported day and night by Loffler. I'm not sure how we would make it without the support that we get from Loffler. They're a great partner for us, and I just don't know if our goals would get met without them.” to get it done, and as quickly and as efficiently as possible."
Tim Wolfgram, Director of Facility Services, Minnesota Wild
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