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uniFLOW improves a health care provider’s office print and document workflow. The ultimate benefit of uniFLOW is that rather than having three or four different software technologies to accommodate cost accounting needs, scan requirements, and secure print, it’s all available in one integrated package.

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For nearly 30 years, this health care provider has devoted itself to building a practice where patients experience the highest level of care. They are the largest, most comprehensive orthopedic practice in the Twin Cities metropolitan area with locations across the East Metro and downtown St. Paul area.

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“Loffler relieved us from the position of being entirely controlled by printing production costs and overhead and provided the opportunity for us to structure a gorgeous solution where the sky is the limit. ”

Marketing & Communications Specialist, Major Twin Cities Health Care Provider

The Challenge

The client's original print environment was challenged with multiple printing technologies, limited security and color capabilities as well as limited cost accountability.


  • The client’s printing technology involved multiple devices from different suppliers. 
  • The client lacked printing consistency and end users were challenged with needing to know different print hardware and software technologies at each location. 


  • The client needed a product with the ability to enforce secure printing and ensure maximum privacy for their patients. 


  • The client’s volume and cost information was difficult to review and measure across all departments and locations, making it challenging to manage a budget.
  • The client was limited in its ability to control the use and costs of color printing. 

The Solution

After detailed analysis and study of the client’s print environment, Loffler was able to determine a solution to address each of the client’s needs. 



  • Using uniFLOW technology, Loffler helped the client easily and efficiently use the “secure print” feature.
  • The “Follow Me Print” capability of the uniFLOW technology allowed the client to securely print on any device at any location. 


  • Loffler utilized uniFLOW’s detailed reports on volume and cost information. 
  • The client’s color printing and scanning cost tracking improved with uniFLOW software.


“Loffler’s knowledgeable team, with one primary contact person, made us confident in Loffler’s resources and their recommendation of uniFLOW as a solution.”

IT Manager, Major Twin Cities Health Care Provider

An integrated software solution, uniFLOW facilitates intelligent control and analysis of printing and copying functions. Described as the only print and scan management system in the market with completely integrated mobile print capabilities, uniFLOW an on-premise, server-based application software. Individuals can print directly from their mobile devices and control the release of their jobs through that mobile device. All of this is enabled as part of a company’s managed print infrastructure while allowing them to retain full cost control, print, and network security.

What’s intriguing about uniFLOW is that it allows users to submit jobs in several ways, including e-mail, uploading a job via a Web browser, and printing directly from an application using an Internet-enabled driver. For iPhone and iPad users, uniFLOW supports direct printing from those devices as well. There is a uniFLOW native app for Apple iOS devices such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The app enables the mobile device to identify the printer by a QR (Quick Response) code, select a print job from the user’s personal print queue, make the appropriate print settings, and release the job.  

The Results

With uniFLOW technology, security and print use and cost tracking was improved, increasing the accuracy of invoices and the company’s bottom line. Choosing Loffler saved the provider tens of thousands of dollars and increased productivity. 


  • A more consistent and user-friendly printing experience was created across all locations. 
  • Accounting and invoicing processes were standardized and the bill paying process was eased and shortened.


  • Paper trails were secured and any user could use any machine to print, scan or fax.
  • HIPAA confidentiality requirements were met.


  • Budgeting of the client’s print environment was consolidated and eased.
  • Color printing use and cost can easily be tracked and monitored.

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