Microsoft Azure in 400 Words or Fewer

Microsoft Azure in 400 Words or Fewer | Loffler

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. You use the Azure cloud for the same computing needs you would use on-premise or other cloud options: building, testing, deploying, managing.

Azure is available in an on-demand subscription model, so you pay by the month (by the minute, actually) for what you need.

Why Azure?

Organizations use Azure to grow their business because it is easy to scale. You can turn it on and off when you want and expand on the fly. Azure is used to run and backup many applications, including Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint.

One huge advantage of Microsoft’s cloud is that it features seamless hybrid IT, meaning Azure will work along with your existing on-premise hardware. This makes it good for organizations wanting to test the waters for cloud computing. You might be looking at adding only one application to the cloud, for example Office 365, data storage, vendor apps or a line of business apps like Quicken or Salesforce.

What About Cloud Security with Azure?

Microsoft spends billions keeping customer data secure, providing a level of security far beyond typical on-premise security. Azure is hosted in Microsoft data centers, which allows for the same secure data protection seen by Microsoft’s enterprise customers.

Like any cloud platform, Azure can face security risks if it's not configured properly. Human error can make things less secure if someone on your team does not follow best practices, i.e. opens remote desktop ports to the public.

Migrating systems to Azure as a newcomer can be tough. Proper security configurations are one reason organizations trust Loffler to help them migrate to the cloud.  

As a Microsoft partner and a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Loffler provides cloud and Azure expertise when you don’t have that knowledge base in-house.

Benefits of partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Loffler when you move to the Azure cloud:


Premier Technical Support

  • 24x7 access to support engineers
  • 2-hour response time
  • Don’t rely on Microsoft’s included, no-cost support for production workloads and critical systems

Budget Optimization

  • Monthly potential savings report
  • Budget projection report
  • Customizable budget alerts

Security & Alerting

  • Automated security best practice checks
  • Daily environment change log notification
  • Windows security update deployment

Loffler's cloud experts can help you determine whether Azure or other cloud solutions are a best fit for you. 

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Kevin Reilly

Kevin Reilly is an IT Strategy Consultant at Loffler Companies. He designs solutions and helps customers understand what workloads can be moved to the cloud, as well as how their users will access business applications and data. Kevin loves to travel and makes sure his wife and two boys never spend a weekend at home. They're either hunting, fishing or exploring places they have never been. Kevin was born the fifth of five children and came home from the hospital without a name. His oldest siblings had their school class vote for a name, and Kevin won.

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