Tools to Help You Return to Work Safely

Seven Ways Loffler Can Help You Return to Work Safely

As our economy slowly begins to open, businesses have a lot to consider. Loffler provides the following solutions to improve the return-to-work experience:

1. Temperature Screening Kiosks & Walk-Through Temperature Scanners

All organizations need to ensure health and safety as they reopen and return to their offices, factories, buildings and other workspaces. They need effective and highly-visible solutions and are turning to fever detection as an essential way to identify who may be sick. Temperature screening options can quickly become complex, leading to many questions. The goal is to protect people’s health and safety, and the best tool for any individual organization depends on the building(s), industry and staff. While manual handheld options exist, they require a person to operate and read the scanner, and for both individuals to stand near one another.

2. Automated Health Questionnaires

Need to have employees and visitors complete a health screening before entering? Square 9's Return to Work Essentials, a cloud-hosted, completely touch-free health screening solution helps create a safe workplace for employees, clients and visitors. In just a few simple steps, anyone entering a facility can be screened to ensure the status of their health and help limit the spread of infection. All health information is kept confidential and meets compliance requirements. 

3. Touch-Free Printing via Mobile Devices

As we all enter back into our workplaces, the less we touch the better. Secure Mobile Printing by uniFLOW allows users to print from desktop or mobile devices and retrieve output without ever touching the printer. Independent of their location, users can use their compatible smartphones or tablets to submit and release their print jobs in a managed way. Regardless of which method a user chooses to submit a job, it will appear in their personal Secure Print queue and be accounted for, charged and managed correctly. 

4. Properly Disinfect Copiers & Printers

If we do have to touch our copier or printer, we want to make sure it is properly disinfected from one user to the next to prevent the spread of germs. Our blog post discusses the steps to take to ensure the devices in your work environment are clean and as safe as they can be.

5. Parcel Lockers for Touch-Free Package Retrieval

Parcel lockers have become more common in public spaces for package pick up and delivery. Now you can provide the same secure, centralized, trackable, contact-free package pick up experience in your workplace for employees, customers and guests. 


6. Collaboration Tools to Maintain Social Distancing

As we return to the office, let's take what we've learned working remotely and recognize situations where a video call will accomplish the same thing as an in-person meeting. Loffler provides several options for collaboration that we'd be happy to discuss with you. We may be back in the office, but limiting face-to-face contact and using collaboration tools to communicate via video conferencing, chat and instant messaging helps protect employees and keep everyone healthy.

7. Digital Mail 

Mail arrives at our offices daily, and whether workers are at home or in the office, digitizing paper mail  reduces face-to-face contact, preventing the spread of germs. When you scan and digitize mail, you bypass the wait time between when your mail is delivered and when you’re able to access it in the office, as well as protecting the health of your workers onsite.