Four Reasons Businesses Turn to Parcel Lockers for Package Distribution

Four Reasons Businesses Turn to Parcel Lockers for Package Distribution | Loffler

Parcel lockers have become more common in public spaces for package pick up and delivery.


Now you can provide the same secure, centralized, trackable, contact-free package pick up experience in your workplace for your employees, customers and guests.


Curious to learn more about parcel lockers and how they work? 


What Is a Parcel Locker? 


A parcel locker is a stand-up locker storage device used to securely store packages upon delivery until the designated recipient can retrieve them.


Many businesses and organizations where individuals need to pick up packages at varying times find parcel lockers useful, particularly for employees who are constantly in and out of a centralized location or working remotely. While industries commonly interested in parcel lockers include apartment buildings, condominiums, schools, colleges and retail stores, parcel lockers can be a useful addition to any office environment. 


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Four Reasons Businesses Turn to Parcel Lockers for Package Distribution


Parcel lockers provide the following benefits to improve delivery and pick up procedures:

1. Secure Package Storage

Upon delivery, the package is placed securely inside one of the storage lockers, and the recipient receives a code via text message or email. They can input that code upon pick up to retrieve their package. This secure delivery system provides theft protection, because only the recipient has access to their package after it is delivered.

2. Centralized Location

Too many organizations waste time on hand-delivering packages to recipients. What if the recipient isn't available? Whose job is it to make sure the package is looked after? Save costs and hassle by centralizing package delivery and pick up at one location while providing 24/7 access. Someone arriving before or after mailroom hours is free to retrieve their package on their own time, without having to engage another person for assistance. 

3. Track Package Placement

Track all your incoming packages: when they arrive and when they’re picked up by their intended recipient. Rely on the parcel locker logs to monitor and ensure packages are reaching their intended recipients. No more clutter as forgotten packages pile up, and no more lost packages.

4. Contact-Free Pick Up

The delivery person can interact with the parcel locker interface without needing to involve staff members. Package recipients can experience a no-contact pick up by entering their unique code on the locker's kiosk screen or on their mobile device to unlock the locker storing their package. This allows everyone to maintain social distancing and also allows for the convenience of after-hours pick up. 

How Does a Parcel Locker Work? 


When a delivery person scans the package into the parcel locker's software interface, they then enter the recipient's name. This causes two things to happen. One, a locker opens where the package can be stored securely until pick up. Two, the recipient entered by the delivery person receives a notification via email or text with a unique code. That code can be used to unlock the locker containing their package upon arrival. Delivery and pick up times are logged in the parcel locker's software system.


The lockers come in assorted arrangements, with combinations of small, medium, large and extra-large compartments, so any organization can customize the locker configuration to sizes needed for their industry.  

Loffler’s non-commissioned consultants can help you determine the right-sized solution for your mailing needs. We have chosen to partner with FP Mailing Solutions to offer the most innovative and advanced technology in the mailing industry, backed up by the Loffler service organization that you can trust for uptime and support as well as timely and accurate invoicing.


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