Deliver Hard Copy Mail to Remote Employees with Digital Mail Scanning

Deliver Hard Copy Mail to Remote Employees with Digital Mail Scanning | Loffler
You have mail arriving at your office daily, but is it reaching the people who need to see it?
Sorting mail into mailboxes or delivering mail around the office works fine when people are in the office. But how are those documents received by remote employees?
Many offices need an alternative for delivering physical mail in a timely and secure manner. Digital mail solutions by Loffler offer a solution to this common challenge.

When you scan and digitize mail, you bypass the wait time between when your mail is delivered and when you’re able to access it in the office.
With so many working remotely today, digital mail has become even more relevant to almost any business environment.

What Is Digital Mail Scanning? 

Mail scanning can mean a couple of different things. Here we’re highlighting the process where someone in your office opens and scans hard copies of mail using secure software. This process makes mail digital and accessible to off-site employees.
These scans can be received via email but are different from simply receiving email. These are actual scanned images of your postage mail made available to you electronically.

How Electronic Delivery of Digitized Mail Works 

Digital mail services are ideal for travelers, work-from-home employees or workplaces with multiple locations, where moving mail from office to office can become burdensome. 

Digital delivery of scanned mail allows you to scan hard copy mail and either email the scans to the recipient or save them in a secure network folder to be accessed by the recipient. Mail scanning and electronic notification/delivery requires the presence of a staff person on-site in the office who will scan the mail utilizing Loffler’s uniFLOW Advanced Capture scan technology. 

Here’s How Digital Mail Scanning Works

  • Open and Scan Mail, Then Designate a Recipient: When mail is delivered to your office, a staff member opens the mail, selects the workflow for delivery, chooses the recipient and scans the mail. If there are multiple pieces of mail to the same individual, they can be separated using a barcode separation page. The person scanning the mail doesn’t need to be a technologically savvy. Anyone can press the digital mail button, pick the recipient from a menu, scan the mail and have it delivered digitally.  
  • Automated Workflow Runs: Once scanned into the mail scanning software, a workflow runs behind the scenes and the recipient will receive the scanned images of their mail via email. Mail can be sent to multiple recipients, if needed.   
  • Additional Security Measures Optional: If your workplace needs additional security, let’s say you process a lot of mail with personal health information (PHI), or legal or financial information, you can configure the scanning solution to store scanned images on your network in a designated folder to which the recipient has been granted access. This is often utilized in the legal and medical industries. The recipient is then sent a notification via email to say they have scanned mail in their folder. Scanned images of mail are stored securely on your network. Additional options exist to send scanned mail into electronic document management system, such as Square 9 GlobalSearch.  

Three Benefits of Digital Mail Scanning 

Digital mail scanning makes mail available wherever you are with the following benefits: 

1. Secure Digital Mail Delivery 

Don’t leave mail sitting unopened and unsecured in an office.  

2. Remove Bottlenecks and Improve Efficiency 

Mail scanning allows for remote productivity, because important documents are not left waiting in the office and timely responses aren’t dependent on when recipients can make it back into the office.  

3. Track Mail Delivery and Receipt 

The process of scanning mail provides a date and time stamp of both when it was scanned and when the email and/or notification is sent to the recipient. Because a hard copy of the mail – including envelope and contents – can be scanned, you also have a record of when mail was postmarked. 

Digital scanning of mail enables your employees who are at home, remote or located at other offices to receive their mail electronically in a secure and timely manner. Instead of checking mailboxes once a week or less, employees can receive mail every day. This is an easy, customizable solution that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively for your organization. 

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Jeff King

Jeff King is the CTO and Director of Consulting Services at Loffler Companies.

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