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A Dozen Ways Loffler Can Help Your Organization Move to a Remote Workforce

Our experts have the tools to help your organization's team stay productive from wherever they work.

1. IT Products & Support for Remote Work

Loffler can provide tools that ensure your remote workforce can securely communicate and access applications and infrastructure. Our experts are well-versed in the design and deployment of firewalls/VPNs, remote desktop/VDI as well as cloud apps, infrastructure and storage. We also help integrate all your communication needs in one easy-to-use app, from phone calls to collaboration tools like instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, web collaboration and screen sharing. Because these tools are available anywhere from desktop or mobile apps, you’re able to work with your coworkers and remain an integral part of any team, even when you’re not in the office. You’ll also find cloud-based technologies, like those available in Microsoft Office 365 or Azure, can help workers stay connected wherever they are.

2. IT Help Desk Services

What if your remote workers are all set to start working from home and then something goes wrong? Their connectivity isn't what it needs to be, apps won't work or their computer just isn't cooperating? Loffler's IT Managed IT Services team can provide Help Desk services to your team to keep them productive.

3. IT Strategy Services

Our current work environment has created a real awakening for companies to realize that Business Continuity planning is not an IT exercise. It’s really about getting all the key stakeholders involved in understanding what it looks like to run your business. During these challenging times where many are required to work remotely, make sure your data is protected by a back-up plan, just in case your systems experience an outage. Loffler's IT Strategy experts can help with planning now and into the future.

4. Cloud Storage, Communications & Collaboration

This is an area many organizations are learning as they go. Cloud collaboration, file storage and communication via chat and instant messaging makes remote work more secure and easier. In a time like we are currently experiencing, cloud solutions can rapidly deploy to allow people to work wherever, however, whenever they can, while allowing for easy, secure access to business critical documents.

5. Security Products, Services & Consultation

From protecting workers from an increase in email phishing attacks, reviewing security settings and policies for working remotely or watching or offering SOC as-a-service, Loffler offers a robust toolbox of ways to keep employees working securely from wherever they may be.

6. Secure Scan & Fax to Cloud

Offices that rely on faxing for their mission-critical documents are looking for secure ways to get faxes to and from remote employees. In response to this need, Loffler is offering special pricing on our Biscom Cloud Office product, which allows you to send and receive all faxes via email, with setup done remotely. This is an immediate solution to an unexpected need.

7. Secure Routing, Forwarding & Management of Fax Documents

Loffler offers several options for routing, forwarding and managing faxed documents. Perhaps you have only one fax machine that needs to route or forward faxes or a whole fleet of copiers or printers that receive faxes. Either way we can implement ways to make automate management of your faxes. 

8. Day-Forward Scanning

We know a lot of businesses are faced with needing remote access to scanned files right now. We can help you begin sharing documents with co-workers in less than 24 hours, including invoices, purchase orders, contracts, HR forms and more. If you don’t have a scanner at home, there are several free apps that allow you to scan a document with your phone or mobile device, to a PDF. Once the file is digital, it can be put into the cloud-based GlobalSearch G2 system.

9. Back-File Scanning

Do your workers need remote access to client files? Or maybe you have stacks or cabinets full of files that need to be scanned and indexed. Loffler provides bulk scanning services to scan, digitize and index important files and documents which are then accessible in the cloud. We can also help with day-forward scanning, files, and mail to be routed to work-from-home employees.

10. Critical Business Document Remote Printing & Mailing Services

If your current quick or commercial printing services are not available, the Loffler Document Services Center (LDSC) can provide complete print, finishing and mail services for you. From traditional print needs to unique projects, we can produce and mail large posters, banners, notices, booklets, reports, client communication, or other types of documents.

11. Remote Printer Packages 

Loffler has black and white and color multifunctional devices in stock that print/scan/fax/copy to bring workers' offices to their homes. Shipping and/or delivery to homes is included. When you purchase the toner from Loffler, service and support is included as well 

12. Document Destruction/Shredders

Working remotely means proper document destruction needs to happen from home offices. Federal and state laws require organizations to properly dispose of documents containing sensitive information such as name, address, phone number or email, such as bank statements, voided checks, payroll information, credit card information, invoices and more. Order your shredder now and receive 10% off and free shipping thru May 31, 2020. 

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IMF is able to protect its staff by having them be home and yet serve its members with our remote work capabilities, thanks to Loffler.

Pastor Chasz Parker, General Overseer,

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