6 Signs You Need an IT Update

6 Signs You Need an IT Update | Loffler

No one needs to read a blog post to know that IT is ever-evolving. Chasing trends, implementing best practices, upgrading operating systems and hunting hackers can make you feel as dizzy as a dog trying to catch its tail.

We had a lot of fun creating this video with our furry friends to illustrate some real IT questions you may be asking yourself.


You might be ready for a technology refresh if any of these 6 signs sound familiar:

  1. You’re concerned about possible system outages and need a better strategy to monitor and respond in case disaster strikes.
  1. Your staff is stretched and stressed as they’re pressured to achieve better response times and service levels for end-user support.
  1. Recent data breach reports have you concerned with network security, and you need a strategy to make sure your systems are safe.
  1. You hear everyone talking about the Cloud, but you don't know if it's the best place to move your data or if it's an economical option for your organization.
  1. You want help choosing the best options for storage, backup and networking.
  1. You need advice on leveraging technology to gain competitive advantages in your market.

If you identify with any of these signs you might just be ready for a technology refresh. The IT professionals at Loffler are experts in their practice areas, and provide technology services of all kinds to IT departments by supplementing their existing staff and services. For many smaller companies we are their IT department. Whenever you're ready, we're here to start your technology refresh.

I'm Ready to Talk About a Technology Refresh

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Joe Dashow

Joe has been part of the Loffler IT leadership team since 2015 and has a deep background in enterprise software with experience spanning the areas of Unified Communications, Workflow Automation, Contact Center, Collaboration and ERP/SCM/WFM. A little known fact? Joe used to be the drummer in a blues band called the Electric Trane.