Most of us take daily precautions to prevent something terrible from happening. Think about it.

Do you buckle your seatbelt when you get into your car? Do you get a flu shot before winter? Do you lock your doors at night?

Sometimes it’s just routine, and sometimes it’s an extra precautionary measure. Either way, the safeguard has been set and that’s the same approach your users should take when connecting online.

Essential Cybersecurity Checkpoints for Robust Protection

We're all well aware of the cost when security breaches, lost data, bank account fraud and identity theft occur and precautionary measures are missed.

checkpoint.jpgSecurity measures matter in so many ways. Banks and insurance agencies are now looking for an S2SCORE (formerly FISASCORE) (similar to a credit score) to prove you're not a security risk.

To ensure you don't have to deal with those problems, consider the top five security checkpoints below. 

  1. Mix up your security credentials. Don’t use the same username and password for everything. Better yet, use a password manager.
  2. Use two-factor authentication. Establish an online login system that requires a second verification step. This could involve a code sent to a cell phone or a security question to verify login.
  3. Secure devices. Are your security patches up to date? Are you running security software on all your devices — desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile?
  4. Communicate securely. Can you trust the person/company you are communicating with? Have you worked with them before? Should your data be encrypted?
  5. Have a risk management plan. If you allow your users to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), how do you ensure those devices are secure? SANS Cyber Defense Report lists 20 critical security controls you should put in place, which can be daunting and expensive. Just by implementing the first 5, you will reduce your risk by 85%! 

The five cyber security checkpoints listed above should be part of your business practices, if they aren’t already.

In today’s online world, where new threats pop up every day, precautionary measures can ensure and protect your organization.

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Phil Fortmeyer

Phil is an Account Executive at Loffler Companies. His goal is to match technology with his client’s business objectives. Phil has been with Loffler since 2016 and in the IT industry for over 30 years, since the introduction of Windows 1.0. He was a Partner at Clear North Technologies prior to being acquired by Loffler. Previous to that, Phil was a VP at GE IT Solutions chartered with building out their national Microsoft delivery practice. Phil is an avid downhill skier, golfer and loves to drive his car in circles on the track.

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