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Top 5 reasons to choose Loffler verticalYou need a partner who understands your network inside and out. With dedicated IT and Telephony engineers we successfully implement all aspects of your unified communication solution, from network design to security to disaster recovery and virtualization, you get a customized solution that is so much more than just a phone system.

Loffler’s Telephony specialists listen, diagnose and deliver recommendations to make your next integrated voice solution a success. We are dedicated to the best technology selection and services methodology for each client. Through every engagement, we collect information that drives your overall company strategy.

Loffler IP Telephony services include:

  • Cloud/Hosted VoIP
  • Unified Communications
  • Call Centers
  • Mobility
  • Connectivity (Local Phone & Internet Service)


ShoreTel Sky
ShoreTel Sky is your best choice for cloud computing (often called “hosted” or “software as a service”), a new paradigm in which cloud applications and cloud VoIP systems are located in secure data centers, and vendors can take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them.

Selection of a cloud-based VoIP alternative eliminates IT headaches, reduces resource costs and frees up your team to work on projects that relate to your core business. Choose ShoreTel Sky for a reliable, affordable, efficient and future-forward solution. $linktext_start$Contact the ShoreTel team$linktext_end$ $linkurl_start$/contact-us/$linkurl_end$ at Loffler today.


ShoreTel Phone Systems
Replace your old phone equipment with a new way of doing business. Designed from the ground up to streamline the work of administrators and end users alike, the unified communications (UC) capabilities of ShoreTel's Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system will transform the way you work.

Get started integrating vital communications tasks like video conferencing, IM and online collaboration with a brilliantly simple solution to help boost productivity and reduce costs. $linktext_start$Contact the ShoreTel team$linktext_end$ $linkurl_start$/contact-us/$linkurl_end$ at Loffler today.


NEC Phone Systems
Traditional phones just don't cut it in a business environment anymore. Let the NEC phone systems experts at Loffler connect you with software-based communication solutions that will help your business improve efficiency and reduce costs.

NEC phone systems are telephones in form only – they also offer seamless integration of advanced IP applications, one of the benefits of VoIP Telephones. Voice and data work together in flexible technology that grows with your organization.

Are you ready to consolidate your communications and advance your business? $linktext_start$Contact the NEC phone systems specialists at Loffler today$linktext_end$ $linkurl_start$/contact-us/$linkurl_end$. From selection to installation to service and support of your NEC VoIP Telephones, they'll help you find a state-of-the-art communications system that evolves with your business.


Call Center Recording
Your organization’s call center works hard to provide great customer service. Loffler can help you identify an approach to make your center more efficient and improve call center quality and performance.

Whether you need to capture every call in your center for regulatory compliance, or record a random sampling of calls for quality management, Loffler can find the best solution for your call recording needs. Locating and replaying calls is also quick and easy with improved call center recording technology. Data security and call archiving features can ensure your recorded calls are stored safely for as long as your business requires.


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Loffler provides IP Telephony and VoIP Phones to the Greater Twin Cities area. Areas served in Minnesota include Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud, Wilmar, Northfield, and surrounding areas. In Wisconsin, we provide IP Telephony and VoIP Phone Solutions to Hudson, Rice Lake, Eau Claire, and surrounding areas in Western WI. If you have any questions about service availability, please contact Loffler; our experts are ready to help.