Production Printing Items for Sale

Production Printing Items for Sale

Previously-Owned Equipment for Sale


Automate your coil binding with the most popular production system of its kind: the GBC DigiCoil Color Coil® inserter. It is easy to set up, runs a full range of coil sizes, and sets the pace in your production environment. The DigiCoil system reliably binds books up to 33mm thick and can easily handle assorted stocks, index tabs and oversized covers. Binding is made even easier with the DigiCoil’s auto run feature for continuous processing of books.


GBC MagnaPunch (2) 4:1, .2475 Pitch, Oval

The MagnaPunch is ideal for medium to heavy production print shops or in plant operations as well. This unit has a wide variety of interchangeable die sets that allow for all desired punch patterns including GBC ProClick, plastic comb, color coil, twin loop wire and VeloBind.

CI12GBC C112 Finisher

This electric finisher makes it simple to turn out perfect Color Coil® presentations in record time. A unique, adjustable dual-roller system quickly threads coil through punched stacks. Built-in dual crimper cuts and crimps both ends in one step. Color Coil always keeps its shape with bounce-back flexibility and it permanently binds.


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