IT Security

IT Security

Keep Up with Constantly Changing IT Security Threats

No one is immune from IT Security threats in today’s fluid business environment. To protect so much important data and processes, organizations are forced to be ever-adapting to new technology and tools and processes. The cost of leaving data unsecured and susceptible to a multitude of threats is literally priceless, and could lead to the demise of businesses of any size. At Loffler, we specialize in taking care of IT, so an organization can focus on what makes them successful.

Our IT Security Solutions include:

  • Firewalls
    Securing your organization’s assets and information from external threats can be a balancing act for a firewall. Configured incorrectly, beneficial traffic may be blocked while harmful traffic is allowed to infiltrate your network. Loffler’s experts assess, design and implement a proper firewall environment, while allowing for the evolution of growth and changing workflow and processes.
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware
    Loffler’s experts will choose the best solution to manage, monitor and respond to anti-virus attacks and Spyware for gateway-based, host-based or a hybrid solution of the two. A well-suited anti-virus scans all inbound and outbound e-mail, Web, and FTP traffic for viruses, blocking suspect data before it enters or leaves your environment. With Spyware and bot attacks on the rise, keeping up with current threats and ensuring network and equipment protection is challenge. Let Loffler’s experts do it all for you.
  • Security Assessments
    Whether you are a new business with IT startup needs or an established organization of any size, Loffler’s certified engineers assess the state of your current security structure by:
    • Assessing your current protection measures 
    • Identify and prioritize your system or asset(s) 
    • Determining potential threats and diagnosing vulnerabilities
    • Satisfy compliant standards 
    • Designing and implementing appropriate solution
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    As the world reels from increasing data breaches, the challenge to protect your data from internal and external attacks is ever-changing and can be overwhelming. Let the experts at Loffler design a solution customized to your organization’s needs that detects and prevents potential data breaches by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data while in-use, in-motion and at-rest. 


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