IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services, Strategies and Solutions for Organizational Success

Our IT Professional Services goal  is pretty simple: to build, improve or maintain an information and data infrastructure that allows your organization to grow and succeed.

Whatever it takes to make that happen, Loffler is on board with dedicated engineers, consultants and experts that have your requirements and bottom line in focus. Whether you need a large network installation, a disaster recovery plan, unified communications or all of the above, the IT professionals at Loffler are qualified, ready and eager to help. 

Loffler’s IT Professional Services include:

  • Architecture & Design
    Implementing strategies to keep up with rapidly evolving IT requirements is the specialty of Loffler’s certified network engineers. Whether starting from scratch as a new business or overhauling an existing infrastructure, Loffler can assist with the design and implementation of computer and software installations and upgrades, networks, virtualization, security, data protection, cloud services and a unified communications plan.
  • Storage
    Let the experts at Loffler design a plan to store and secure your data without hindering your ability to do your work. May include event monitoring (SEIM), data loss prevention (DLP), firewalls, logging devices and other hardware and software. Ensure your organization’s ever-increasing data load is stored safely and efficiently so you can focus on your business.
  • Virtualization 

    Organizations looking to reduce power consumption, air conditioning needs, building space and land requirements will find virtualization to be an essential part of their IT strategy. Loffler will design, consolidate and implement a multitude of servers into an efficient, cost-effective architecture that ensures a high level of accessibility and performance.

  • Servers
    Loffler’s certified engineers will determine the best server architecture for your organization. We’ll design, install, implement, test and secure a system that provides the level of storage and reliability necessary to ensure your organization’s success.

  • Wireless/BYOD
    In environments where mobility is an essential factor, wireless networking technology proves indispensable. If a successful wireless strategy is important to your organization, let Loffler’s experts consult, design and implement a solution that centers on security and reliability. Loffler can design and implement an organizational security plan to protect company data from being compromised as personal laptops, tablets and mobile devices (BYOD) are increasingly used as workplace devices.


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