Business IT Services

Business IT Services

Our dedicated IT and Voice engineers successfully design and implement all aspects of an IT and Voice strategy

At Loffler, we understand that the strength and integrity of your IT structure and security is incredibly important. Breaches and downtime have the potential to create havoc for a business. That’s why our experts design, implement and secure the best IT solutions to fit the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Loffler’s Voice specialists listen, diagnose and deliver recommendations to make your next integrated voice solution a success. We are dedicated to the best technology selection and services methodology for each client. Through every engagement, we collect information that drives your overall company strategy.

Our complete suite of IT and Voice Solutions includes:

IT Solutions
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Our dedicated engineers have been providing superb IT services, solutions and support for more than a decade. Let Loffler give you and your organization the structure and tools necessary to keep your business protected, secure and successful.

Unified Communications and VoIP
With dedicated IT and Telephony engineers we successfully implement all aspects of your unified communication solution, from network design to security to disaster recovery and virtualization, you get a customized solution that is so much more than just a phone system.

Digital Dictation
When what you say matters, you need voice recording services. Doctors, attorneys, call centers and more use dictation and transcription services to document and track critical information. Loffler gives you the technology to capture high-quality sound and will help you organize, store, share and transcribe all recordings.

Contact Center/Interview Recording
Loffler delivers advanced video, call and data logging solutions to track performance, provide insights and increase efficiency. They also offer training, installation, maintenance and the best service available.

Speech Recognition
When you’re a busy professional, you can save time and money by turning your voice into text documents, spreadsheets, email and more. Speed and accuracy are essential in the medical, legal and government sector, and Loffler offers solutions for all. 

Mobile Medical Application

Loffler provides invaluable tools that make vital information accessible anywhere, any time, even at the point of care. Connect and mobilize all your healthcare information across a seamless platform for integration, communication and deployment.