Co-Managed IT Services

Let’s face it, the IT staff or group at any organization can quickly get over-extended as technology needs evolve. Out-sourcing some of your IT tasks and requirements with a dependable partner with predictable response levels can be a perfect solution. Loffler’s team of experts is ready to resolve issues remotely, or if necessary, with an onsite response.

Let Loffler help keep your infrastructure up and running smoothly, so you can focus on what's most important to your business. Our Co-Managed IT Services include:

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Patch & Asset Management

Managing important software and firmware updates for your organization's technology can become time-consuming. We can help you manage important patches and keep your equipment up to date. This includes not only the continual Microsoft patches but also the many third party patches required to keep your systems operational and secure.

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Alert Monitoring

Your network becomes more complex as your organization grows. And with the added complexity of wireless networks, security, and BYOD, your network can be a headache to manage. Loffler can audit, standardize, and implement industry best practices for your network and set up an effective alerting process to keep tabs on your environment. The alerts can go to you or we can manage them on your behalf.

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Proactive Analysis

Patches, scripting, and ensuring your end-user devices are safe from malware and other malicious attacks can become a job in itself. Loffler offers the tools to take on this burden.

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“Loffler's coordination and pre-work made our time so productive, and advanced the business goals that we’ve been pursuing from an IT leadership perspective. Your organization has consistently and professionally served our needs no matter what we’ve asked of you. We couldn’t be in better hands than yours.”
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