Incident Response

Cyber incident response services to reduce downtime and minimize impact.

When An Incident Strikes, Will You Be Ready?

Loffler's incident response services are designed to take a proactive approach to network security. We'll work with you to create a top-to-bottom response strategy including IR planning, annual vulnerability scanning and rapid response time in the event of an incident.

Network Assessment

Incident Response Planning

When disaster strikes, you need to be ready to detect, contain and recover. Help your IT team be prepared to handle issues like cyberattacks and data loss that threaten your organization.


Vulnerability Scanning

Validation Assessments

Stay a step ahead of hackers by annually testing your system to find vulnerabilities. We'll work through real-world scenarios to help you find and remediate known weaknesses in your system.


Incident response time

Rapid Response Time

Slow response times to incidents can cause significant revenue loss, a decrease in customer trust and so much more. Our 3-hour SLA enables you to get back to business faster.



Incident Response Planning (IR Plan)

In order to know what to do when your organization is attacked, a cyber incident response plan needs to be included in your cybersecurity strategy.

Think of an IR plan as a playbook that you follow when a security incident occurs. Your plan should have clear actionable steps and contact information for all parties that need to be notified.

Also, most cybersecurity insurance providers now require organizations to have a documented incident response process.

To get started, determine your security goals with an Incident Response Plan. This should include:

  • The Why: Explains why you need an IR plan in the first place.
  • The Who: Explicitly names the people who need to be involved and why.
  • The What: States what situations call for to execute your IR plan.
  • The How: States your response to a suspected incident.

Whether threat monitoring is done in-house or by a managed service provider, your IR plan should have a clear process that enables you and your staff to escalate alerts efficiently.

Information Security Policies Made Easy

Validation Assessments

Having an IR plan in place is great, but how do you know it will work for your organization? By continuously testing and improving your systems and processes.

To put your security and response plan to the test there are several methods to measure performance:

  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Scans

To find out if your network is secure, you’ll want to work with a cybersecurity company to perform a comprehensive security assessment. Determining your current security posture helps fill the gaps in your system and streamlines your incident response workflow.

Rapid Response Time

Network downtime can cost organizations tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. That’s why you need to know help is on the way immediately when an incident occurs.

We work with our partners at Blue Team Alpha to deliver industry-leading three-hour incident response time. Being the victim of a cyberattack is scary, but knowing that industry experts are by your side to help is what you need to get back to business.

Total Tool Case Study: Business Continuity When Disaster Strikes


No matter where your organization is at in its IT security journey, Loffler can help you build a system that meets your unique needs.

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