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A More Secure Way to Fax
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While many know network printers can be a security vulnerability, many may not realize that a similar vulnerability exists in fax machines, potentially granting unauthorized users (hackers) access to your networks. These fax vulnerabilities differ from printing vulnerabilities, because fax protocols don’t allow for user authentication the same way printers can. 


Imagine a hacker sends a malicious fax to your organization. If the printer that receives the fax is connected to your internal network, the hacker can then gain access to your network.  


How about a more secure way to fax? 


To send and receive faxes securely, you could put your printers and faxes in a separate network from your main network. Or, you could consider a secure cloud-based fax solution, like Biscom's FAXCOM Suite. 


Biscom’s FAXCOM Suite provides a collection of management tools and software to facilitate and automate user management, fax server administration, cloud server administration, inbound and outbound rules and policies, business processes and workflows. 


The FAXCOM Suite gives an organization the benefit of a custom fax implementation for each division or group with both centralized and distributed management capabilities. Send and receive faxes securely within Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 and many other email systems. The FAXCOM Suite includes options with: 


Secure, fax-hosted service for sending and receiving faxes with email* 

  • No fax server to manage or maintain 
  • Reduce cost by eliminating fax lines connected to the fax machines 
  • Ability to keep existing fax numbers by porting to the fax-hosted service 
  • Eliminate busy signals: faxes are sent and received immediately 
  • Easy-to-use web portal with visibility to the fax usage 
  • Secure TLS 
  • Live world-class technical support located in Massachusetts 
  • Helps meet HIPAA, SOX, FERPA and other compliancy concerns 
  • No committed contract 

Reliable, scalable and secure on-premise enterprise fax server for organizations with large volumes of fax traffic* 

  • Less time managing since user management and authentication is directly integrated with Active Directory 
  • Reduce cost by eliminating fax machines and phone lines connecting to MFPs 
  • Easy to train users since it works with Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, SharePoint, content/document management solutions and other software applications 
  • Maintain one true enterprise solution that handles every fax need 
  • Meets security requirements with encryption of data at rest with complete audit trail 
  • Real-time monitoring with automatic alerts 
  • Helps meet HIPAA, SOX, FERPA and other compliancy concerns with job tracking and reporting 
  • Live experienced technical service and support located in Massachusetts 

Web-based Secure File Transfer to send and share files, all while being easy for end-users to operate without IT involvement and no file size limitation 

  • Gives users the ability to send and share large and confidential files without involving IT 
  • Reduces your Exchange Server mailbox size by rerouting attachments through the Secure File Transfer solution 
  • Helps meet compliance requirements including HIPAA, SOX, FERPA, etc. (FIPS 140-2 certification for encryption at rest) 
  • Replaces less secure methods, such as FTP, USB drives, email, etc., giving you peace of mind, knowing you are securing important and valuable corporate data 
  • Easy to set up and manage integrating with directory services 
  • Provides detailed reports on all activity and provides an auditor/compliance role 
  • Deploys as an on-premise or private cloud solution 
  • Live world-class experienced technical support located in Massachusetts 

Sync your files and folders with Verosync to give you access to all your data without having to move them from device to device 

  • Allows people to collaborate with others inside and outside the organization without getting the IT department involved 
  • Less time managing and administrating, since Verosync leverages Active Directory and LDAP for real-time user administration and role management 
  • Simple and intuitive to use 
  • A complete audit trail for a compliancy officer 
  • Files are protected with FIPS 140-2 certified, AES 256-bit encryptionSupport for MobileIron’s enterprise mobility management solution for BYOD policies 

*Organizations do have the ability to use both the on-premise fax server solution and the fax hosted service to meet high availability and disaster recovery requirements without any manual processes.