Electronic Document Management at the Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild are a fast-paced and versatile organization that, in addition to being Minnesota’s professional hockey team, oversees concerts and state tournaments at the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota and trade shows and conferences in the attached Saint Paul RiverCentre Convention Center. The Wild organization works closely with Loffler for multiple business technology solutions

One of those solutions is electronic document management.



Improving Payment Processes with Square 9 GlobalSearch

The Wild use Square 9 GlobalSearch for accounts payable, accounts receivable and contracts purposes. GlobalSearch scans, classifies and stores documents into digital format, making them searchable, editable and retrievable. 

"It really streamlines our approval process for our accounts payable," said Tim Wolfgram, Director of Facility Services for the Minnesota Wild. 

GlobalSearch automates accounts payable processes by sending documents to designated individuals and departments via automated workflows and email reminders. When an invoice comes in, it is scanned into the GlobalSearch system and emailed to the correct department for review. Automated workflows then facilitates and tracks receipt of documents, so designated departments and/or individuals can approve or deny the invoices. GlobalSearch also allows users to edit, make comments or annotate documents along the way. 

Using GlobalSearch, the Wild have the option to scan to their internal drives, to Office 365, or automatically to ABBYY (learn about ABBYY below).

"So all those documents are funneling right into the right places," Wolfgram said. "And those are all — that's all happening through Loffler's equipment that's on site for us. So that's been fantastic."

Turning Paper Documents into Business-Ready Data with ABBYY

ABBYY is a software that reads any document and transforms it into business-ready data. The powerful optical character recognition (OCR) and automated data capture software automatically recognizes sections of documents and inputs them as data into software systems.

The Wild use ABBYY in conjunction with GlobalSearch to recognize invoice dates, vendor names and costs and auto-populate that information into their accounting system. By doing so, ABBYY eliminates human error caused by manual data entry.

"Our finance department depends heavily on what Loffler can do and all of those different features," Wolfgram said. "Loffler is with us every step of the way."

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