James Loffler recently sat down with Natalie Nathanson, CEO and Founder of Magnetude Consulting, to discuss his experience in driving major organizational change within Loffler, emphasizing the importance of communication, involving stakeholders, and continuous feedback. 


Key Takeaways

1. Plan and Communicate

Change management is a multifaceted process that demands meticulous planning and effective communication. Organizations must outline the steps involved, allocate resources, and establish a clear timeline. Equally crucial is transparent communication—leaders should articulate the purpose of the change, its benefits, and the expected impact on employees. Regular updates and feedback mechanisms ensure that everyone remains informed and engaged throughout the transition.

2. Engage Stakeholders Early

Successful change hinges on involving key stakeholders from the outset. These stakeholders can be both internal (employees, managers) and external (clients, partners). By engaging them early, organizations can anticipate potential challenges, gather valuable insights, and address concerns proactively. Understanding the impact of change on different groups allows for tailored strategies and smoother implementation.

3. Value Team Members

A supportive environment is essential during times of change. Recognizing team members’ contributions and expressing gratitude fosters a sense of value and commitment. Additionally, organizations should establish mechanisms for active listening—town hall meetings, surveys, and open-door policies—to ensure that employees feel heard. Empowering team members by involving them in decision-making enhances their investment in the change process.

4. Continuous Communication

Communication should be ongoing and consistent. Leaders must cascade information throughout the organization, aligning messaging across all levels. Two-way communication channels encourage employees to share their thoughts, ask questions, and express concerns. Celebrating milestones and progress maintains enthusiasm and reinforces the importance of the change initiative.

5. Balance New Strategies and Routine Tasks

While implementing new strategies, organizations must strike a balance. Prioritization is key—allocate resources effectively to manage both the change-related tasks and routine operational responsibilities. Providing training and support ensures that employees are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the transition successfully.

6. Evolution, Not Revolution

Rather than abrupt upheaval, view change as an evolutionary process. Gradual adjustments allow employees to adapt more smoothly. Flexibility and a growth mindset are essential—organizations should encourage learning and embrace incremental improvements.

7. Design for 90% and Refine

Perfection isn’t the immediate goal. Practical solutions that work for most scenarios are preferable. Organizations should iterate and refine based on feedback and real-world experience, aiming for continuous improvement rather than flawless execution from the outset.

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