Looking for an Envelope Stuffer? Five Benefits of a Folder Inserter.

Looking for an Envelope Stuffer? Five Benefits of a Folder Inserter. | Loffler

Many organizations have a whole lot of outgoing mail to process. They can take care of that by hand, with people stuffing envelopes, or they can use a machine to automate the process. 

Learn how a folder inserter can offer big improvements to your current mailing practices:


What Is an Envelope Stuffer?

An envelop stuffing machine (or Folder Inserter) is mailroom equipment that both folds letters and stuffs them into envelopes for you. 

People searching for commercial envelope stuffing machines and paper folding machines are often looking for folder inserters. Organizations with a high volume of regular mailings know that folding and inserting by hand is time-consuming, costly and monotonous. And unfortunately, it can lead to inaccuracies if an invoice ends up in the wrong envelope. Many organizations turn to a folder inserter to improve mailing processes.

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Jerry Gergich from Parks and Recreation could have used the folding and inserting power of a folder inserter.

Looking for a Commercial Envelope Stuffer? Five Benefits of a Folder Inserter:


1. Speed

Folder inserter machines are faster than people at folding letters and inserting them into envelopes. They can also seal the envelope, but many organizations use a postage mail metering machine for that.

If one person folds and inserts invoices for four hours per day, five days per week, that’s 20 hours each week. Imagine if the entire project could be completed in under 30 minutes. With a folder inserter, you save that time and labor. That person can be reassigned to do other tasks and mail enters the mail stream faster. 

2. Cost

Folder inserters help employers cut costs through automation and are often less expensive than employing staff to perform the same job function. Let's say you send out 40,000 invoices monthly and have staff members who hand-fold and insert invoices into envelopes for four days to get all those invoices out on time. Assume a $15 per hour pay rate for each employee. Leasing a machine to fold paper and insert into envelopes could save tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs alone. There are paper and maintenance costs to these machines as well, but the improved performance makes them more cost effective than engaging staff for high-volume mailings.

3. Accuracy

The automation provided by a folder inserter reduces human error. These machines can group many documents in one envelope and prevent mail stuffing mix-ups. Folder inserters use a barcode scanner to read the documents and ensure that all pages of one set of documents are placed in the same envelope, as some may only have one page, and others may have multiple. The machines also have an option to add secure document processing. This is a verification process that ensures mail integrity by using a camera to record recipient names and addresses when placed into envelopes. This extra security add-on helps to track what is mailed to ensure accuracy.

4. Professional Business Mail

Folding by hand generally doesn’t provide a crisp fold and can be crooked. A folder inserter provides a neatly- folded look. In addition, the bar codes used to sort multiple pages into their correct envelopes increase the professional appearance of mailings. Picture the mail you receive from insurance companies and doctors' offices. When you see a barcode on the paper, you know it went through a folder inserter. Especially when confidential or sensitive documents are being sent through the mail, these professional-looking attributes are physical cues of mail prepared with care.


5. Scalability

As your business changes over the years, folder inserter machines provide options to configure the machine in different ways. If you send out mail pieces, an added tray can insert a business reply envelope. If you don’t need a certain tray size after time, but want two smaller ones instead, that change can be made. The camera system described above can be added on to meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA standards.

A folder inserter can save your office time and money, while improving accuracy and professionalism of mailings and being flexible with add-ons to meet your needs. Loffler can help you determine if a folder inserter would be a good fit for your current mail processes with a mail process review:

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