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Electronic Forms, Smart Automation & Document Management | Loffler

Organizations reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic want to ensure they’re doing everything they can to provide a safe environment.  

For many, this means asking employees and guests to complete a release form documenting names, dates and symptoms of illness while releasing the organization from liability if a disease were to be contracted following a visit.  

You could collect these forms on paper, but what would you do with them once completed? There is at least a chance that nothing official would be done; they would sit in a pile or be filed away, forgotten or even lost.  

What if you instead used electronic forms that provided automation and routing of data? 

What Are Electronic Forms? 

Electronic forms are smart forms through which the information on them can be stored, classified and automatically sent to specified people. Smart forms can be the missing link to convert a paper or PDF form into a fillable form that is easy to locate. 

Electronic forms are customizable with many templates available. A COVID-19 release is one example of a form template available with a subscription to an electronic form software database like Square 9 GlobalForms or LaserFische. Other common forms include:  

Why Electronic Forms Like These and Not Google Forms?  

Electronic forms like those from Square 9 GlobalForms or LaserFische are powerful because of the automated workflows behind them. They're truly smart forms. Workflows route the data from the form to wherever your organization needs it to go. That could mean indexing in a database or emailing information to a manager to review and approve. Workflows are automated and can greatly improve business process management 

Electronic Form Features 

Electronic forms are dynamic, searchable and retrievable and offer the following features: 

  • Customizations with Forms Builder 
  • Design Ability to Fit Your Brand 
  • Automated Routing Workflow for Email Notifications and Storage 
  • Auto-Repopulation of Previously Entered Data  
  • Integration with Active Directory 
  • Import Field Data to Existing Databases  
  • PDF Documents Storage, Indexing and Retrievable from Document Management System 

Make Forms Easy and the Information They Collect Trackable 

Considering today’s environment, organizations need the capabilities electronic forms provide. COVID-19 release forms are only one example of how useful automated electronic forms can be 

From temperature screening solutions to smart, automated electronic forms, Loffler can help you meet compliance standards and get back to work.  

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Jacob Notsch

Jacob is Loffler's Document Management and Workflow Specialist.

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