Printing Industry of Minnesota has great success with Variable Data Campaign

Printing Industry of Minnesota has great success with Variable Data Campaign

Printing Industry of pim_logo_LMinnesota has great success with Variable Data Campaign

The Printing Industry of Minnesota is the trade association for the second largest segment of the manufacturing industry in Minnesota. There are more than 300 companies that are members of PIM. With a company membership, that allows them access to more than 14,000 other members of the Printing Industries of America (PIA). PIA is the largest graphic arts association in the world.

Opportunity Identified

Wanting to increase membership, PIM realized that they could do a much more effective mailing by personalizing the offer through the use of Variable Data Printing. Variable Data Printing is a powerful cost-effective tool that allows customization of mass mailings that are more relevant to the target audience which will guarantee an increase in customer attention and an increase on return on investment. With traditional mass mailings you can only expect a 1-2% response rate. With the use of variable data, or one-to-one marketing, you can expect of upwards to 40% response rate.

Solution Delivered

Loffler recommended the Canon Color Laser Copier 5100 that does 51 letter size pages a minute with a ColorPass Z7500 RIP. Loffler also recommended Pageflex Persona software that would allow them to create VDP jobs that would take advantage of the PPML option in the Z7500 RIP. PPML (Personalized Page Markup Language) is a file format for variable data that is much more efficient than sending traditional postscript data. Because they were able to take advantage of the PPML option it cut the file size from 290 MB’s down to 110 MB’s. And it cut the processing time in half.

Benefit of Solution to Client

PIM has achieved significant results from their first variable data mailing. Their first mailing was targeted to all active printers who where non-members. They had three different offers depending on the size of company. Instead of achieving the traditional 1-2% return, the largest offer resulted in a 7.3% response rate, the medium offer resulted in a 4.7% response rate and the smallest offer resulted in a 1.5% response rate. When the printers were asked about the advertising that was sent to them, they could all remember the personalized mailing-therefore reader attention was high.

This campaign also earned PIM an Award of Excellence for this, their first variable data mailing from the Midwest Society of Association Executives!

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