IT Consulting Services

Drive growth by aligning business & technology

As Organizations Grow, Technology Becomes More Complex

Data proliferation, workforce distribution, market expansion, regulatory pressure and broadening cyber exposure are only the tip of the iceberg for technology complexities that affect organizations of all sizes. Loffler's IT Consulting Support Services provides strategic leaders who work closely with your executive management team to identify challenges and help your organization work better. We customize our services to fit your needs, size and budget, all with the backing of Loffler's world-class technical expertise. 

IT Security Services


Build or improve your cybersecurity program based on industry-standard security frameworks and compliance requirements:

  • Incident Response Planning
  • Policy Creation
  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Security Assessments
  • vCISO Services

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IT Strategy and Planning Services


Achieve your organization's goals by creating a technology environment that drives better business decisions:

  • Network Architecture & Design
  • Storage & Virtualization
  • IT Budgeting & Roadmap
  • Long-Term IT Planning
  • Driving Technology Adoption
  • vCIO Services

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Technology Management Services


Get a step ahead with a technology stack that fosters efficiency, productivity, and end-user satisfaction:

  •  Lifecycle Management & Budgeting
  • Cloud-Forward Architecture
  • Highly Available Systems Design
  • Resiliency & Redundancy Focus
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • vCTO Services

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Why Technology Consulting?

Technology plays a key role in growing and operating a successful business. With organizations across all industries embracing technology, it's more important than ever to understand how to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Reporting and Analytics


An IT consultant helps you plan, implement and maintain technology solutions that support your organization as it grows so you can focus on your core business.


Streamline Operations

Gain an outside perspective of your IT environment and find areas for improvement to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and reduce IT burden.



An IT consultant helps you create an efficient IT ecosystem that optimizes your IT spending and helps create alignment between IT and your business goals.

Strategic Services

Wherever you're at in your IT journey, our strategic IT leadership services can fill in the gaps by making executive-level IT experience available for organizations of all sizes. Virtual IT leadership solutions provide a cost-effective way for you to bring expert knowledge in-house without having to worry about hiring and retaining staff. 


A virtual Chief Information Officer will help turn your IT system into an asset with strategic road mapping, IT budgeting and expert project management.


A virtual Chief Information Officer will keep your organization focused on building and improving your cybersecurity strategy so you can foster a cyber-aware culture.


Virtual CIO services will ease the complexity of technology adoption and help you build an IT infrastructure for future success. 

How IT Consulting Works

First Step in the IT Consulting Process


An IT consulting engagement begins with an assessment of your current situation. Whether you need to focus on strategy, security or technology (or a mixture of all three), it is important for you and your consultant to have a strong understanding of where you are now.

Second Step in the IT Consulting Process


After an assessment comes a planning stage, which involves input from you, the client, and the expertise of your consultant. To build a plan that works for your organization, we include observations and input from your IT team, end-users and leaders of your organization.

Third Step in the IT Consulting Process


Once a plan is created, it's time to focus on implementation. An IT consultant will help you communicate, execute and improve upon the plan to ensure a strong start to your project or initiative.

Fourth Step in the IT Consulting Process


Like a personal trainer, an IT consultant helps you stay on track, remain accountable and ensure you're measuring the right metrics or KPIs to meet your goals.

Enterprise IT Consulting Services


Make IT Work for You

Discover the power of technology with solutions that fit your needs, size and budget, all with the backing of Loffler's world-class technical expertise. 

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