IT Consulting Services

As Organizations Grow, Technology Becomes More Complex

Maybe it's time for some guidance.

Data proliferation, workforce distribution, market expansion, regulatory pressure and broadening cyber exposure are only the tip of the iceberg for technology complexities that affect organizations of all sizes. Loffler's IT Consulting Services provides strategic leaders who work closely with your executive management team to identify challenges and help your organization work better. We customize our services to fit your needs, size and budget, all with the backing of Loffler's world-class technical expertise. 

Whether you have a goal to meet, a project to begin, or an initiative to improve how technology functions in your organization, our experts in the often-overlapping specialties of strategy, security and technology can help you get where you need to be. These key positions require significant business experience and technical depth to sufficiently address the breadth of today’s IT challenges. 

IT strategic planning services


Loffler's IT consultants can help you align your IT strategy to help you achieve business goals. We first seek to understand the workings of your business: key people, what’s working, where you’re headed. Then we work from an understanding of where you’re at today and where you want to be in the future to help define how you get there. We can serve as a resource, translator, organizer and project manager to frame the ideas that drive business decisions. 

IT security services


Cybersecurity expertise is offered through a guided process to build or improve your cybersecurity program, with the flexibility to address your organization’s specific regulatory and compliance concerns. Loffler offers credentialed and experienced security consultants with deep technical expertise to help you secure your IT systems based on industry-standard cybersecurity frameworks. 

Information Technology Consulting


IT demands seamless continuity between strategy and execution. While many organizations have coverage for network and desktop support, some lack the expertise typically filled by senior-level IT leadership. These key positions require significant business experience and technical depth. Loffler's IT consultants offer a breadth of knowledge from hands-on experience, best practices and long-standing industry relationships.  

Why IT Consulting? 

Technology evolves every day. Innovations developed three years ago may not have been considered when you last refreshed your systems. But those innovations may now be needed to gather data, make decisions or automate key processes. At the same time, clients, suppliers and users change the way they work, buy and interact with you. This complicates and adds complexities to IT infrastructure, planning, governance and support.

Unfortunately, full-time, executive-level technology expertise is often far more expensive than many organizations can justify or afford. Loffler's IT Consulting Services are tailored specifically to each client, to ensure you get exactly the expertise you need, at a price that makes sense for your business.

How Does IT Consulting Work?

While each of the actions we list here may be involved in working with an IT consultant, all consulting engagements are unique. Some will only need an assessment to begin building a stronger IT environment.

Network Assessment

An IT consulting engagement always begins with an assessment of your current situation. Whether you need to focus on strategy, security or technology (or a mixture of all three), it is important for you and your IT consultant to have a strong understanding of where you are now.

Strategic IT Planning

After an assessment comes a planning stage, which involves input from you, the client, and the expertise of your consultant. To build a plan that works for your organization, we include observations and input from your IT team, end-users and leaders of your organization.


Once a plan is created, it's time to focus on implementation. An IT consultant will help you communicate, execute and improve upon the plan to ensure a strong start to your project or initiative.

IT Management

Your IT consultant may also stand in to provide ongoing management to measure progress and ensure you're hitting benchmarks to succeed and reach goals on time. Keep in mind that some organizations do not have senior-level IT leadership available to them. An IT consultant can stand in to provide accountability and guidance as you work toward achieving your goals.

Get Started Today

Many organizations start the process not knowing what they need. Our IT consultants can work with you to design a program that will work for you, with high-level project plans and recommended consulting hours you’ll need.  

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Loffler has multiple CISSP-certified consultants on our team. CISSP certification ensures our cybersecurity professionals are at the top of their game, and have demonstrated the required expertise to effectively design, implement and manage a best-in-class cybersecurity program for organizations of all sizes.