911, Interview & Court Recording Equipment

911, Interview & Court Room Recording Equipment

When what's being said needs to be captured, we can help. With complete interview room and courtroom recording solutions, we can find the right fit for you.

911 Voice Logging


The public depends on 911 call logging & recording systems in life-or-death situations. Public safety call centers can depend on Loffler’s innovative products, software, and services to deliver:

  • Call tracking for immediate location recognition
  • Complete call recording and instant playback
  • Call scenario playback for investigative purposes
  • Stored information about each call including name, location, and start and stop time
  • Digital files compatible across all platforms
  • Network access to voice/data files
  • File encryption for secure Internet sharing

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REVCORD 911 Voice Loggers


Key Features:
  • Web-Based Browser Interface
  • No Seat License Fees or Add-On costs
  • Up to 168 Analog and 168 digital channels
  • Virtually Unlimited VoIP Channels
  • Concurrent or Fixed VoIP Channel Option
  • Combine Analog, Digital and VoIP in Same Chassis
  • Screen Recording (Server or Client)
  • Multi-tiered Access Protection
  • Range of Assignable Rights by Individuals or Groups

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NICE 911 Voice Loggers


You are on the front lines of public safety and you need technology that won’t let you down. NICE software allows you to record and play back calls and accurately reconstruct incident timelines.

You’ll enjoy complete control of incident information, improved security and have a variety of easy-to-use quality assurance tools at your fingertips.

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iRecord for Child Advocacy

Loffler offers iRecord digital video recording and management systems for interview/interrogation rooms. Digital recording of child forensic interviews can minimize child trauma and maximize consequences for the perpetrator of a crime. Having a verbatim record of interviews can be invaluable to prosecutors.

Step up your child advocacy efforts with the iRecord system.

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iRecord for Public Safety

Loffler specialists recommend the iRecord system, designed by law enforcement professionals to be a simple and effective tool for electronic recording of interrogations (ERI). The high-quality, accurate, and reliable digital iRecord system helps law enforcement achieve compliance with state and federal mandates, assist in legal prosecution and defense, save valuable time, and increase productivity.

Get started with the iRecord system and bring your interview/interrogation room into full compliance.

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Liberty Courtroom Recording

The days of analog tapes are over, it’s time to upgrade your courtroom recording technology. The audio/video recording experts at Loffler will help you find an easy-to-use, computer-based courtroom recording solution that is secure and readily distributed.

Ensure everything that happens in your courtroom is a matter of record.

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Liberty Meeting Room Recording

City council meetings, town hall meetings, shareholder meetings, important business proceedings – the amount of information found in your meeting rooms is valuable and can be gone in an instant. Loffler’s audio/video recording specialists make sure you don’t miss a minute of any meeting with computer-based recording and streaming technology.

Easy to use and optimized for transcription, digital audio/video of meetings are a valuable and, in some cases, required resource. Start seeing an accurate representation of everything that happens during meetings.

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