vCIO Services

vCIO Services

IT Managed Services – vCIO SERVICES

An experienced Virtual Chief Information Officer is responsible for managing your account when you are a Loffler IT Managed Services client. Your vCIO will understand your business and leverage that knowledge to achieve your desired business outcomes with the necessary technologies. Our vCIOs focus on the following:


IT Planning  

A vCIO will create an IT plan that addresses all areas of your current and future technology needs. Technology is made up of so much more than computing devices, servers and storage devices. Cloud, phones systems, copiers, printers, internet connections and more are all important to achieving your desired business outcomes.


Many clients do not have accurate technology budgets and some have no budget at all putting them in a reactive position where they buy things as they need them or as devices or systems fail to operate. Our vCIOs go through a budgeting process with all clients so they know what their technology costs will be, helping to eliminate unexpected expenses throughout the year.


Strategy is what being an IT partner is really all about at Loffler. Our clients have business outcomes they need to achieve to grow their businesses. Our vCIOs ask the important questions to create a strategy and leverage technology to meet the desired business outcomes. Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR), conducted by vCIOs, help ensure clients are on the best path to achieve those outcomes.


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