Data Protection Services

Data Protection Services

Win the Battle to Protect Your Critical Data

As a business owner, IT Specialist or Manager we all know safeguarding data and information is more critical today than ever before. Add in the ever-growing use of mobile devices and new security and storage issues arise. In the battle to ensure your data isn’t corrupted or breached or destroyed, Loffler rises to the challenge to protect the integrity of your organization’s information needs. Let our certified team of experts help you with your storage and data protection needs, including backup, virtualization, and cloud computing solutions.

Our Data Protection Services include:

  • Cloud & On-Premise Backup Solutions
    Leverage a Loffler solution that increases backup and recovery success rates, while minimizing recovery and down time.
  • Multi-Site Replication
    Data replication is synchronized across sites, ensuring consistently low delay times and that data is always up-to-date in all sites, making it possible to continue from an exact point of failure.
  • Business Continuance

    Ensure your data is protected and your network remains functioning whatever power outage, disaster or disruptive situation affects your organization. Loffler will design a plan to prevent interruption of essential functions, protect data, and restore full performance and usability as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • Disaster Recovery
    Loffler’s disaster recovery solutions are created to work with systems of all sizes and complexities. Our certified engineers design them to meet the recovery time your organization requires. All Loffler disaster recovery plans come with service level guarantees.


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