Loffler Installation 120 v 15 amp

Loffler Installation 120 v 15 amp


We are excited about our partnership. To assist us in a smooth installation process, please note the following details:

  1. Your equipment is in our production department where your device(s) is currently being set up and prepared for delivery.
  2. Upon completion, our installation coordinator will contact you to set up a time for delivery and training (if applicable).
  3. Our networking team will arrive at approximately the same time as the equipment arrives to connect your device (s) for scanning and printing.
  4. Once installation and networking has been scheduled, you will be contacted by our Training Department to schedule training on the device, if this has not been done already.

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The power requirement for your machine is 120 Volt 15 Amp.
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*This information must be completed to allow our network team to contact the appropriate people prior to installation, to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

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For questions regarding delivery options or dates contact: installations@loffler.com.

For networking information or questions contact: mfpconnectivity@loffler.com or place a call through our client services team service@loffler.com.

Please direct product training questions to training@loffler.com, Rich Hanson rich.hanson@loffler.com (952-230-5689) or Denyelle Kaselnak dkaselnak@loffler.com (952-925-6807).

Loffler now has a website where you can place a service call, order supplies, and enter your meter readings. If you are interested in more information and getting signed up, please email customercare@loffler.com.