Centralized Services

Centralized Services

IT Managed Services – Centralized Services

Loffler’s Centralized Services are the enterprise tools that enable us to manage our client’s technology. Our Centralized Services are deployed and managed from Loffler’s Network Operations Center. Each service is part of our IT Managed Services program, so clients don’t have to purchase these services individually, which helps keep costs in check and creates a secure, optimized managed environment in which to run a business. 


24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Loffler manages your network 24 hours-a-day with a dedicated team that processes and responds to alerts.


Our anti-virus and anti-malware service is the first layer in controlling security threats. Loffler is always monitoring your technology, and is alerted if a virus has compromised your security. 

DNS Filtering

Security risks can attack as unidentified threats through the internet, often through email, where a click initiates a connection to a malicious internet site. This is often called a “Zero Day Attack”. Our DNS filters stop that connection from happening and protect your network.

SPAM Filtering

If a client has their own email server, Loffler will provide an email defense filter for SPAM, viruses, and phishing attacks that come through email. Loffler filters both inbound and outbound email traffic, a service not available with many providers. 


Keeping your computers up-to-date with the latest patches can be a job in itself. Loffler provides patch management and deploys only the patches you need.


Managed Backup, Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery make up the three most important areas of data protection. Loffler monitors and manages the entire data protection process, and in the event data needs to be restored, your help desk team can quickly respond. Even if one of your critical servers fail, we can have your server back up and working in 15 minutes.  In the event of a total disaster, our disaster recovery services can have your technology systems back up and running within hours.


Our scripting services can save large amounts of time and ensure consistency when rolling out software upgrades, patches and other processes to an entire fleet of PCs.


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