Loffler Security Assessments

Protect Your Organization

with Loffler's Comprehensive Security Assessment

It gives you an in-depth look at the state of your current security program with the option to easily validate the results. Loffler's Security Assessment is now being offered at various price points to ensure every organization has the opportunity to be protected.

The Security Assessment takes an in-depth look at your:

  • Organization Risk
  • Vendor Risk
  • Employee Risk
  • Personal Risk

Loffler Security Assessment Options

  • S2ORG Full Assessment performed each year
    • 1, 2, or 3 Year Contracts
  • Monthly vCISO engagement to provide guidance and consulting on building or enhancing your security program
  • Re-assessment of remediation items at any time during the length of your contract
  • Internal and external vulnerability re-scan at any time during the length of the contract

  • Everything in S2ORG Self-Assessment +
  • Self-Assessment with assistance from a certified expert

  • Comprehensive Security Assessment based on NIST, ISO, HIPPA and other common cybersecurity standards
  • S2Score numeric rating with an industry comparison
  • Detailed Report
  • Self- Assessment Only
  • One-time Assessment

  • Everything in S2ORG Self-Assessment +
  • Self-Assessment Results Validated by Certified Assessor
  • Assessment Results Mapped to Common Cybersecurity Framework
  • Extended Cloud-Based Storage for Supporting Documentation
  • Internal & External Vulnerability Scan
  • Presentation of Results to Company Stakeholders
    • Interpretation
    • Guidance
    • Q&A
  • Plan of Action to Guide Remediation & Improvements

  • Everything in Validated Assessment
  • Full Comprehensive Security Assessment Performed and Validated by Certified Assessor

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