Managed IT Service Programs

Flexible Managed IT Service & Support

Loffler's Managed IT Service teams provide local and national technical support for organizations across all industries. With flexible IT programs to choose from, you'll gain the expertise of industry experts and personal support from your own dedicated service team.



Recurring Service Reviews
Named Primary Contact
Clear Expectations



Employee Productivity
Proactive Maintenance
Response & Resolution

Managed Detection and Response


Shared Service Portal
Shared Documentation
Shared Reporting

Managed IT Services


Consistent Product Stack
High Availability Configurations
Vendor Support

Managed IT Service Programs

Loffler offers two Managed IT Service programs that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. We break down the options available for our Secure 1 and Secure 2 clients below.

Secure 1

2-Hours Remote Support/Month

Secure 1 is our Managed IT program that's a perfect fit for organizations that need support for their internal IT team. As a co-managed service, you can offload the tedious day-to-day tasks that burden your IT team so they can focus on larger projects.



Proactive Support

  • Critical Alert Triage
  • Monthly Service Audit


Proactive Security

  • Public IP Vulnerability Scan
  • Microsoft Security Score Review
  • Firewall Configuration Review
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Inventory Reporting


Monitoring & Updates

  • Windows Security Updates
  • Third-Party App Security Updates
  • Anti-Virus for Endpoint & Servers
  • Monitoring & Alerting for Endpoints, Servers, Network, and Internet Connections
  • Secure Remote Support Tools

Secure 2

Includes Everything in Secure 1 + 24x7 Monitored EDR w/ SentinelOne

Secure 2 is our Managed IT Service program for organizations that want to outsource their whole IT infrastructure. This fully-managed service is perfect for organizations with no internal IT team. With fully managed IT you no longer need to worry about updating and maintaining equipment or software. You'll receive the benefits of industry experts and modern technology all for one fixed monthly cost. Unlimited remote support is available with Secure 2.

monthly reporting - white

Quarterly Reviews

  • IT Strategy Roadmap
  • Budget Roadmap
  • Service History

help desk - white

Remote Support For

  • Windows & MacOS
  • Servers (On-Prem & Cloud)
  • Networking Equipment
  • Azure, Office 365 & M365
  • Vendor Triage

Disaster Recovery- white


  • Backup for Office 365
  • Email Threat Scanning
  • Cloud Managed Print
  • Operation Clean Sweep
  • End-User Training

About Our Managed IT Teams

Each Managed IT client is assigned to one of our IT service teams. Each team consists of a Service Manager, Service Lead, and 5 to 10 Engineers. Our service teams are here to help your organization succeed.

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Service Experience

  • 750+ Years of Combined Experience
  • +91 Net Promoter Score
  • Technical Certifications & Career Development Paths

IT Security Monitoring

Our Service Teams are supported by our NOC team which focuses on monitoring, alerting, patching, and endpoint management.

Requesting Support

Open service tickets through email, SMS/text message, web-based chat, or phone. With managed IT service you can also take advantage of proactive alert tickets.

Live Service Dashboards

Everything is stored in our ticketing system and is accessible through a live service dashboard and documentation portal.

Frequent Add-Ons


Multi-factor authentication for all remote access.


Centralized endpoint management for remote teams.

Data Protection

Air-gapped & encrypted backups for business continuity and disaster recovery.


Enabled logging for systems, software & perimeter devices.

Incident Response

Incident response planning to be ready for potential security incidents.


Business planning to define how IT supports your organization.


Security, business, or technology assessments to identify IT needs.

Live Service Dashboards

Everything is stored in our ticketing system and is accessible through a live service dashboard and documentation portal.

Managed IT Services & Support
“Loffler is a great IT partner for us. They manage our IT needs daily and help us plan for the future. At the pace that technology changes, it’s really important to be prepared and anticipating the future. Our relationship with Loffler is very important for our business efficiency and on-going success."
Jenny Welk, Erickson-Larsen, Inc

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