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Loffler offers IT Solutions to Green Bay and the surrounding area. From managed services, to the cloud, security, professional services, physical security, phone systems and more, Loffler is your local expert for business technology.

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Best IT Services in Green Bay, WI

Loffler Companies in Green Bay, WI is the top IT solutions company in Wisconsin, specializing in security and workflow solutions for organizations of all sizes. The Loffler Green Bay team of local, professional sales and service experts helps businesses find the right IT and business technology service solutions. From meeting security and compliance regulations, to the best video and phone conferencing and collaboration, Green Bay, WI counts on Loffler Companies for the best service and support for IT solutions.

Loffler’s culture revolves around being responsible, grateful civic leaders. Loffler Companies empowers and enables employees to give back to the communities in which they live and work. In the Green Bay area, the Loffler team supports many charitable organizations through financial and time donations, as well as sporting event tickets and Loffler products and services.

Managed IT, Security & Cloud Solutions



To protect important data and processes, organizations are forced to constantly adapt to new technology, tools and processes. Take a proactive approach with the best security services from Loffler.  



Cloud Solutions

Flexible and effective cloud hosting services can help your organization scale at the right rate for you. Don't pay for more than you need.



Managed IT Services

Simple, affordable, and secure. Managed IT Services from Loffler can help free you from the time-consuming tasks that take you away from more important and essential work you need to be doing.



Professional Services

From architecture and design, to storage and virtualization, to security assessments, disaster recovery and business continuity, our Professional Services  can help you meet your goals.



Unified Communications

Unified Communications enables SMS text messaging, chat with teams, phone and video calls and calendar management, all in one app on desktop or mobile. 


Facial Recognition

Business Security Systems

Meet the ever-growing need to safeguard property and people in your organization with our robust suite of physical security services including on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid video surveillance solutions.


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