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ShoreTel Phone Systems

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ShoreTel designed and built its business communication solution for the IP age. Brilliantly simple, ShoreTel’s solution deploys, scales, and grows with ease. End users love its flexibility and ease of use.

One seamless environment lets you upgrade to an IP phone system, tap into the power of unified communications, or modernize your contact center — or all three – quickly and affordably. Thanks to an ingenious purpose-built IP architecture, the system looks and behaves like a single, unified platform and is easily expanded across as many sites, or even countries, as needed. Boosting productivity while reducing costs, the cost of ownership analysis tool can show you how switching to a ShoreTel UC solution not only tends to cost less than keeping an existing one, but why many customers find that their ShoreTel solution pays for itself within a year. 

With ShoreTel’s commitment to excellence and Loffler’s award-winning service, we’ll find the best solution to meet and exceed your organization’s communication needs .

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