Dictation Workflow Solutions

Dictation Workflow Solutions

Dictation Workflow Solutions

Do you or your employees spent hours searching for a digital file within a disorganized network? Or hunting for a tape in need of transcription? It’s time to stop searching and get back to work.

The workflow specialists at Loffler will assess your current transcription workflow processes and identify opportunities for improvement. With Loffler as your partner, you’ll have a strategy to improve organization, increase productivity and cut costs.

Loffler workflow enhancement will help:

  • Organize recordings for quick and easy retrieval
  • Deliver un-transcribed files to appropriate personnel
  • Apply time frames and create work pools
  • Assess back end speech to text integration

Stop wasting time searching and start increasing productivity. Contact the workflow specialists at Loffler now.


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Loffler provides Dictation Workflow Solutions to the Twin Cities metropolitan area, as well as St. Cloud, Willmar, Northfield and surrounding areas. In Wisconsin, visit our Eau Claire office and showroom from which we serve all of Western Wisconsin including Hudson, Rice Lake and surrounding areas.

If you have any questions about service availability, please contact Loffler; our experts are ready to answer your questions.