IQMax Mobile Medical Application

The amount of data involved in any medical organization can be overwhelming. To consolidate from so many different sources and make it accessible is challenging, to say the least. How accessible is your organization’s data? And is it only obtainable within the walls of a particular facility?

The IQMax Connected Healthcare Platform provides invaluable tools that make all vital information accessible anywhere, anytime, even at the point of care. Connect and mobilize your healthcare information across a seamless platform for integration, communication, and deployment.


The IQMax Connected Healthcare Platform includes:

  • IQConnect: Aggregate and organize all data across various systems with one simple tool
  • IQXchange: Manage and make sense of all data connections to help you quickly make the right decisions
  • IQMax Decision Support Tools: Wherever you need access to vital information, you’ll have it on any device – PC, tablet, mobile phone, or laptop

IQMax Decision Support Tools

Enhance your existing clinical workflows with consolidated, real-time views of patient information. Select any of the application extensions to add flexibility or even create custom tools by utilizing the IQCompose toolkit. The IQMax Platform extends the life of existing HIS or EMR solutions, reduces capital expenditures, and IT integration efforts and is available on any device (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, PC or MAC).

Mobilize your data and make it work for you.

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Achieve faster, more accurate coding with fewer errors and missed charges with IQCharge. IQCharge’s capabilities include:

  • Pre-populated favorites for each physician from the most commonly used charges
  • Auto-populated frequent procedures and diagnoses from those most often used by each physician
  • Most recent charges submitted by each physician
  • Patient charge history submitted by each physician
  • Select and search new crosswalk-linked procedures and diagnoses

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With IQCommunicate, you’ll have a secure platform to enable real-time collaboration between your organization's care team members. IQCommunicate enables team members to quickly and securely message and share pertinent patient information.

IQCommunicate instantly displays availability and, with integration to call management and scheduling systems, intelligently routes messages to appropriate people.

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Take control of your day with up-to-the-minute schedule information. The capabilities of the IQPatients app are a stunning upgrade from the system(s) your organization uses today. What can you do with IQPatients?

  • View census lists by location, group, patient name, room, or time
  • Add new patients quickly and easily
  • Quickly keep track of charges, dictations, and lab orders for each patient
  • View patient details anywhere, anytime in a secure environment

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IQRounds allows caregivers to actively, easily, and quickly utilize patient information. Extend your facility’s existing clinical information system and securely deliver patient data to the caregiver.

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Use your mobile device to dictate whenever and wherever you want. What can IQSpeak do for you and your team?

  • Dictate when and where it’s convenient. IQSpeak supports dictation at the point of care or on the go
  • Link patient demographics to voice files
  • Eliminate orphan dictations
  • Automatically route dictations to transcription
  • Allow physicians to hold, add, review, and submit dictations when ready

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