Cybersecurity Checklist

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This Cybersecurity
Checklist Includes:

  • Security Checklist (PDF)
  • An Editable Checklist to Track Your Progress
  • Top Cybersecurity Tips from Loffler Experts


Cybersecurity Checklist Loffler

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Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.

Cybersecurity threats are increasing rapidly and the impact on organizations is being felt in terms of:

  • System Downtime
  • Delayed Services
  • Lost Productivity
  • Lost Sales
  • Lost Instructional Hours in Schools
  • Costly Ransom Payments

Our cybersecurity checklist is derived from current insurance industry requirements, cybersecurity incident response experience, cybersecurity best practices, and the requirements of common cybersecurity frameworks.

Because every organization has a unique risk profile and risk tolerance, it is important that you evaluate and prioritize your approach to cybersecurity based on your organization’s unique requirements. These items represent some of the most common topics we discuss with our clients.

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