What Can a Wide Format Printer Do for You?

What Can a Wide Format Printer Do for You? | Loffler

For many years, wide or large format printers were used only by print shops or large-scale businesses, with high costs they just weren't affordable, but that has changed and wide format has become an increasingly popular. Today’s workplace documents often transcend traditional 8.5x11 or 11x17 print sizes for projects like construction prints, posters and banners, creating more demand for large format printing. Also known as plotters, wide format printers now are more affordable, making owning or leasing one an attractive and reasonable option for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Does the investment make sense for you?

You may be surprised at how beneficial it could be to your business and how quickly the investment pays for itself. Here are some reasons to invest in a large format printer, as well as the benefits that come along with owning your own wide format plotter or printer.


Most organizations have a color printer in their office. Though these printers can produce very nice, quality prints, they don’t measure up to the quality and size of a wide-format printer. Large format printers (LFPs) produce documents and graphics at a print quality that is second to none. They are designed specifically to show precise detail in an attractive format. Having a LFP in house allows you to print high-quality images quickly without having to send them to a vendor. This option saves you time and money while giving you greater control and flexibility with your projects. The list of possible uses for a wide-format printer are virtually endless, but some of the most common (but not the only) projects we see are:      

  • Banners/Posters
  • Window Graphics
  • Tradeshow booth media
  • Packaging Mock-ups
  • Business directories
  • Construction Drawings/plans
  • Floor displays
  • Presentations
  • Large-scale signs


Do you send documents or projects over 24 inches wide to outside printers even just a couple times per year?  Most print shops charge a premium for large format print jobs. Wide format printers have become more affordable, so investing in your own large format printer to produce documents on site could significantly cut costs for your organization.


Though top-quality MFPs print great quality documents such as presentations, reports and small posters, today’s business needs have evolved to include larger, higher quality images for many aspects of daily business operation. Having access to an LFP on site allows employees flexibility and convenience. Why outsource printing when you can do it yourself?

If you have your own in-house marketing department or are considering handling your own marketing instead of using an agency, large format printers provide endless possibilities. Colorful, attention-grabbing proofs, ads and banners are one of the most effective tools to increase brand awareness and visibility. An on-site wide-format printer allows the marketing team the convenience of creating and printing ideas and projects in far less time for less cost. Large format printers can print on much more than paper. Maybe you have a company photo you'd like to print on canvas to display on the office wall; a large format printer can print it for you. Some wide format devices print on self-adhesive vinyl for mounting on walls, windows and more. Here are some ways different industries can leverage the advantages of wide format printers.



  • Design and print personalized classroom signs and posters
  • Print complex charts, graphs and maps large enough to be visible from the back of the classroom
  • Create banners for upcoming social or sporting events throughout the school year


  • Eliminate travel to and from the print shop to pick up drawings
  • Print schematics for building and home designs
  • Highlight more specific details on large-scale drawings or plans


  • Print large-format signage and directories
  • Print up-to-date patient-education posters


  • Highlight upcoming events with large, eye-popping posters
  • Provide signage to move people in the preferred direction


  • Print detailed GIS maps
  • Templates
  • Create visually appealing presentations
  • Print aerial photos
  • Design and print interior and exterior posters and advertisements for public transport

Religious Organizations:

  • Announcements
  • Holiday displays
  • Event decorations

The list of large format printing possibilities is endless. Consider the cost-saving benefits and convenience an onsite wide format printer provides. 

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David Gifford

David Gifford is the Wide Format Specialist at Loffler Companies and puts his 21 years of diverse experience in the document imaging industry to work for Loffler’s customers. He works with a wide variety of business types and non-profit groups specifically about their large format printing, scanning and archival needs.

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