Original post 3/24/17
Update 10/15/21

Whether your work is focused on technical printing for engineering, construction, architecture or manufacturing, quick, high-quality large format printing is an essential part of your work environment.

If the large format printer(s) you currently use is just not keeping up to the demands of meeting your client's expectations, or you have been outsourcing large prints and are considering bringing large format printer in-house, right now is a great time to invest in a new large format printer. 

Here are 10 reasons why owning your own wide format printer makes sense:

  1. Lower Operating Costs: New innovative designs and lower supply charges reduce your bottom line.
  2. Increased Speed: Recent design changes make large format printers up to 10 times faster than older devices.
  3. High-Quality Printing on a Wide Range of Media: You can print high-resolution 2400 x 1200 images in full color or black and white on everything from uncoated papers to film, photo gloss, peel and stick re-positionable adhesive vinyl, weather resistant mediums and more.
  4. No Need to Babysit Your Printer: New devices allow for managing printing remotely via a status monitor.. Larger ink tanks and up to two media rolls on select models mean printers can run uninterrupted for longer periods of time, with less need for your monitoring and attention.
  5. Improved Productivity: Labor-saving features such as the capability to stack up to 100 sheets in the device at a time, means getting more done in less time.
  6. Integrate Devices: Replace large format inkjet and laser printers with one multi-functional printer/scanner/copier.
  7. Everyone Can Use the Large Format: A more versatile large format printer can meet the large format printing needs of many departments from engineering and design, to marketing and sales.
  8. Go Mobile: Use an app for iPad to preview and print on-the go.
  9. Share, Access, and Print via the Cloud: Cloud-based file sharing simplifies the printing process and provides remote access.
  10. Multiple Software and Workflow Solutions are Included: A suite of software and workflow solutions can enhance printer performance for Accounting, Hot Folder and Preview, just to name a few.

The experts at Loffler are happy to help determine the best type of large format printer/scanner for your organization.

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